Friday Bundle 12.03.21

Hello everyone,

Well we have made it and it’s almost time to have all of our wonderful children reunited again in Netherlee.  Our P1-3 and nursery children have settled in very well indeed and I am certain that my teachers and staff will make sure that this is also the case for our P4-7 children too.   Thank you if you have got in touch with us over the last couple of weeks to discuss any questions or concerns that you have had about your own child… please continue to do this- just as we have throughout this period of remote learning, we will of course continue to work in close partnership with all parents in order to ensure that our children feel safe, happy, confident and ready to learn.  P4-7 parents- I hope you found the information that I shared with you mid-week helpful and informative.  As always, if anything needs tweaking or we need to have a rethink about any aspect of, for example, collection and drop off procedures then we will of course do so and your suggestions on this are always helpful and very welcome too.  Once again I would like to sincerely thank you as parents, and also the many grandparents, siblings and friends, as well as of course my fantastic and skilful teachers and staff – this combined effort and dedication has supported our children, and each other, very well indeed during this extraordinary time.  I hope you all… at that moment on Monday morning… at 9.01am… you put the kettle on and… breathe, knowing that you have done a phenomenal job and that your child is busy and happy seeing their friends again and getting settled back into school life! J.

We will of course be holding our parent/ teacher meetings before the end of the school year- these will take place towards the end of May/ beginning of June.  We have moved these slightly later than usual in order to give your child’s teacher enough time to have gathered lots of information on how your child is getting on now that they are back in school.   I am not yet able to give you any further information in relation to the format of these meetings but I will, of course share this with you in the coming weeks.  You will also receive your child’s End of Year Progress Report and we intend to have these ready to send home to you before the Parent / Teacher meeting so that you can use the information contained in the report to aid your discussion with your child’s teacher.  We hope this will make the meeting really useful and helpful for everyone.

Next Friday afternoon, the Netherlee House Captains have planned some exciting fun activities for the children of Netherlee to enjoy- this is to recognise Red Nose Day and also to simply enjoy having fun- back together again in Netherlee.  House Captains Red Nose Day.

The next Netherlee Parent Council meeting will take place on Wednesday 31st March at 7pm.  Please click on the Parents tab on our school and nursery website to access the Parent Council section.  This is where you will be able to view the agenda for this upcoming meeting as well as other Parent Council information. Please also see the message below from the Parent Council.

The Parent Council and PTA have recently appointed new members and actively wish to engage you, our Parent Forum. Please see the attached flyer which explains the focus of each committee and how you can get involved. Also, just a reminder to all parents to HAVE YOUR SAY and please complete our very short Parent Council Survey Netherlee Parent Survey. Tell us how you would like us to communicate and what your priorities are for the school and nursery going forward.  Your opinions do matter! 

Finally, please help us to keep everyone safe by continuing to wear a face covering at drop off and collection times and by moving away from the buildings, gates and surrounding areas very quickly after you have collected your child from school-thank you.

I hope you have a lovely weekend everyone.

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Mrs Yvonne Donaldson

Head Teacher