Friday Bundle 29.01.21

Hello again everyone,

We’ve had another fun and busy week both in our school hub and also continuing to provide learning at home.  Please do say “hi” to all of our wonderful children from myself and all the staff, we are missing them so much in school but we are thoroughly enjoying seeing them on their live meets with their teachers or on the live assemblies with the leadership team.  Please remind them often, from us, that they are doing really well with learning at home and, when the time is right, the doors to the Netherlee classrooms will be wide open again for them – we can’t wait!

We are really excited to be recognising that it is “Languages Week, Scotland” next week. This year’s theme is ‘Celebrating Scotland’s Languages Landscape’ with the aim of amplifying the voices of Scotland’s people and celebrating multilingualism within our Scottish communities. Our children will have a range of fun and interesting activities to choose from to hone their language skills and also to share languages from home.  We would love to be able to celebrate what you are doing throughout the week too so please feel free to share anything on our Netherlee Twitter @sand_nc and please also use the hashtag #scotlandloveslanguages .

We are currently arranging our next round of live “Drop In” sessions for parents and I will share the dates and timings of these with you next week.  Meanwhile, please continue to get in touch to provide ongoing feedback, suggestions or comments in relation to any aspect of learning or your child in general – whether it be with learning at home or in our hub.  Your comments are very helpful to us and these help us to reflect and tweak things, where we can, as we go along.

I am really pleased that many of you have been in touch to request jotters and other bits and pieces of resources.  Please continue to do this, we have everything here in school – so just pop us a quick email and my wonderful office staff will get in touch to help gather the items your child needs.   Please also keep the jotters that your children are using at home, the teachers will most definitely want and need these as a useful assessment tool once our children are back in school.

Just a wee reminder that Fri 5th Feb is an In-Service Day and Mon 8th and Tues 9th Feb are, I’m sure you will agree, much needed holidays and we will therefore welcome all children back on line to continue home learning on Wednesday 10th February.

Please also remember that you are not alone – please reach out if you or your child needs to – we are here and ready to help or even just to listen and have a friendly chat.

Warmest wishes,

Mrs Yvonne Donaldson
Head Teacher