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Solar Eclipse

eclipseThis week the children have been learning all about solar eclipses and why they happen.

Some classes have been looking at a range of artists’ work that feature the sun and eclipses.  They have created their own masterpieces.

Classes have been creating poetry linked to the eclipse with some classes hoping to submit entries to the Edinburgh Science festival’s Sci-Ku poetry competition.

eclipse cloudSome children made safe sun viewers and tested these on Thursday with the Primary 4 class, however it was too cloudy to get good images on the actual day of the eclipse.

We had the televisions set up in the dining hall to show the Star Gazing live broadcast.  The children were amazed to watch the total eclipse and at the same time see how dark it got outside.  As it was so cloudy the children were able to go outside and experience how cold it became during the eclipse and they also noticed that it got windier.  Primary 7 children measured air temperature and wind speed during the eclipse, this was part of a National Science event.  We also had some solar glasses and when we had gaps in the cloud some children were able to use these to view the eclipse.

solar flowerAll classes have been using solar powered toys to monitor the amount of energy reaching us from the sun at different times of the day.solar toys



The family centre children took part in Sean Batty’s live eclipse event and are really looking forward to their visit from Jon Davis (Think Science) next week when he brings along an inflatable planetarium to Carlibar for the day.