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ACTIVE LEARN – Heinemann Active Maths

Here is a guide for parents about using Heinemann Active Maths – this is accessed via Active Learn which your children all have their log in details for.  Teachers will allocate activities suited for your child.  Please don’t worry if there are no activities uploaded for your child yet as the teachers are focusing on Google classroom just now and helping your children to learn how to use this.  We thought this information would be useful to you when we start to fully use this.  Literacy Planet is also accessed via Active Learn.

Science Week – Family Learning Challenge

Just a reminder from Mrs Fleming that shared family learning projects should be sent into school on Tuesday 31st March. We need time to get them displayed for parents to see when they attend the Easter Service on Thursday 2nd April. Pupils will also get an opportunity to see the projects from across the school.  Lots of children have been telling me about what they are doing at home and it sounds as if we will have a range of really interesting projects.

Just in case the sheet has not made it home – here is an electronic version.

Science week family learning challenge 2015

Big School’s Birdwatch

 Carlibar will be taking part in the Big Schools’ Birdwatch again this year.

 The Birdwatch takes just one hour, and can be carried out at any point between 5 January and 13 February 2015 – that’s the entire first half of the spring term. Every school or group that submits their results before the 20 February will be sent a certificate and free personalised minibeast poster as a thank you for taking part.

By taking part we will be providing  information  on how well some of our most familiar birds are faring, as well as helping to encourage more birds into the school grounds.

You can join in at home.  Visit for more information. 

 All you need to do is spend an hour of your choice counting the birds in your garden over the weekend of the 24th to 25th of January. It’s that simple!