Goodbye P7McN – Gone But Will Never Be Forgotten!

Well P7McN it has come time for us to part ways and say our farewells.  It has been an absolute delight to have been your class teacher and you are all going to missed very much indeed.  It has been fantastic to see you all again over the last few days and catching up with all of your news.  I hope that my final lesson of teaching you about tying your new secondary school ties will hopefully come in useful!  Have a great summer, you all deserve it.  Mr M.

P7 Sausage Sizzle

As we  may or may not be finishing up today  for the session,  Heather and her lovely ladies kindly put together a sausage sizzle for the 7s. We had a choice of bacon, sausage or scrambled egg rolls with a hot chocolate and cake.   As always the food was delicious! 

P7 Covid-19 Update

P7 Covid19 covernote

We have put together a learning pack for your child. As we don’t know the duration of the closure, we have attempted to provide a range of activities which we would encourage your child to complete throughout the day, please use your own judgement as every child and situation is different.

With such short notice we have not been able to differentiate for all levels of ability and would advise that your child completes what they can from the tasks provided.

Please regularly check Teams, the P7 Blog, and Bug Club as we will keep this updated with daily tasks and activities for your child to complete.

The jotter provided can be used to complete any written activities or assignments that cannot be done within the class Teams page or through another online format.

We would ask that, where possible, you try to keep to a routine of learning to support our young people, academically, during these challenging times.

P7 teachers will be available to answer emails from you and your children during the usual school hours and will try to respond as soon as possible.


Miss McKelvey     P7McK

Mr McNichol        P7McN

Mrs Mills                P7M