Home Learning WB 29/3/21

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Thank you to those of you that emailed your homework tasks last week- I’ll add 50 Sumdog points 🙂

Here are your tasks for this week. Please email them to me by Thursday 1st April.


Your spelling word lists are in the document below. This week the focus is on tricky words.

Please complete 4 different spelling activities to practise spelling your words (e.g. pyramids, rainbow words, bubble/fancy words, sentences, practise spelling test etc.)


Access the following books on Bug Club:


  • Washed Up! Read chapter 4-5 (p42-56)
  • Complete bug questions
  • PCM Washed Up! Task
    • Using the PCM sheet above, explain why you want to be a contestant on the TV show and why you think you would be a good candidate. Use formal language that is appropriate for an application.


  • Porpoises in Peril- Read Chapter 4-5 (p32-48)
  • Complete bug questions
  • PCM Porpoises In Peril Task
    • Using the PCM sheet above, Draw a picture of the underwater mine described on p43. Write detailed labels and captions to
      describe it.


  • Stunt Bunny: The Great Getaway- Read Chapter 3 (p23-32)
  • Complete bug questions
  • Stunt Bunny PCM Task
    • Describe the feelings of a character at certain points of the story


For maths homework this week, Diamonds and Squares are consolidating equivalent fractions and Triangles are practising division with 3 digit numbers.

Please find the tasks for each group below:

Have a great week, and enjoy your Easter holidays when they come!

Miss Donnelly 🙂