Transition into Primary One

As part of our Transition into Primary One, the children have been participating in online virtual sessions with Mrs Webb who is currently the Primary 2/3 teacher every Monday and Tuesday where they take part in activities around Literacy and Numeracy within small groups.


We have also been meeting with Miss Kerr who will be their Primary one teacher every Wednesday afternoon for a virtual session where the children have had the opportunity to be introduced to Miss Kerr, have a virtual tour of the classroom, see some familiar faces of staff that they will meet in and around the school as well as having the opportunity to ask Miss Kerr any questions they have around starting. As an added bonus they have also had the chance to see the current P1’s many of which where their peers last year within the ECC. The current P1s  have taken on the role of being a buddy and have been sharing some of the learning they have taken part in over the last year to give the children an insight into the fun things they will be learning about when they move into Primary one in August. Miss Kerr has also been visiting us to say hello through the fence while we are busy taking part in outdoor learning.

Within the ECC we have been focusing on the story ‘The Colour Monster’ and ‘The Colour Monster goes to School’ which has helped us identify different feelings we may have and how these can change when we are faced with different and new situations like starting School and how it is ok to feel like this but if we speak about it to a friend or an adult they can help us to feel better. Since focusing on the stories the children have loved sharing how they have been feeling about starting School with lots of them feeling happy about the new adventure that lies ahead while a few are sad about leaving the nursery and their friends behind but they have been reassured that I (Ashley) will be there as a familiar face in the class for a few weeks while they settle and that we will see them in and around the building!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the school or ECC.  Thanks Ashley

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