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by Mrs Millar

Shared Reading at Home

Dear Parents/Carers,


Reading with your child has so many benefits; improves vocabulary, develops imagination and creativity, expands knowledge, improves mood and decreases stress levels, as well as the fundamental skill of reading itself.

Shared reading is a great way to develop children’s language and communication and to boost their reading skills. Regular reading routines can offer lots of opportunities for learning during school closures, especially if set literacy tasks are being met with resistance from your child.

Attached are some simple tips for reading at home with your child, sharing a text and discussing it together- developing a host of skills while spending quality time together.

Nursery rhymes, songs and storytelling are all excellent methods of developing communication and language skills.

We hope you find these tips useful and appreciate all the hard work and effort being made by carers and pupils with remote learning- we can’t wait to see you all back at school again.

We will leave you with a quote from Julia Donaldson…



by S Leitch

Head Teacher Update

Good afternoon,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all well during this current situation.  I can hardly believe that January has gone already.  As we said ‘Goodbye’ to 2020 we were full of optimism and hope for 2021.  This year, so far has had a faltering start.  Whilst we are unable to offer the normal education provision, our remote learning has now been operational for the last 3 weeks.  I am fully aware that it is far from perfect and there will continue to be issues arising due to a whole host of reasons.  Rest assured, we are doing our utmost to remedy these.  Should you find that you continue to encounter problems with remote learning, please do get in touch with the school office.

I would like to thank you all for your support and patience during these times.  I am only too well aware of the difficulties and demands that home learning  brings upon parents/carers.  The relationships between you and your child is different from that of your child and their teacher/Early Years worker.  This can cause friction when things do not go according to plan – which happens all too often in my own household!  I urge you to use your own judgement, whenever necessary, to weigh up whether home learning might be the best option for your child at that time, or whether it is better for everyone’s wellbeing to take a break and do something more beneficial.  You know your child best!

I would also like to thank each of our amazing members of staff who continue to work hard and provide amazing learning opportunities and support for our children on a remote basis.  Lessons have been learned from our first lockdown last year and there is no doubt this has supported and improved the delivery of learning this time around.  Also, to staff who come into school to provide support for those pupils who are currently attending I give a huge thank you.

Over the coming days and weeks we hope to be able to offer further guidance and support to parents/carers on how best to approach this current experience.  It is so easy, in all walks of life, to develop habits and routines – some good and some bad.  The information we hope to share is aimed at each of us stopping and evaluating what we are doing.  Continuing the things that work, and stopping the things that don’t, as well perhaps taking on some new ideas and advice.



by eaisabel.hunter@glow

Scottish Agamographs

Some of the Scottish themed agamographs made by the upper bubble while in school.


by S Leitch

P1 &P2 Nativity

As we approach the end of the school term we thought we would provide a little Christmas cheer as brought to you by our Primary 1 and Primary 2 classes. Our P1 pupils provide the action in front of the camera while our P2 pupils provide the excellent narration. We hope you enjoy this performance as much as we have. We are confident it will bring a smile to all your faces at this particular Christmas.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry, restful, safe and peaceful Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!


Kindest regards,

Simon Leitch

Head Teacher

by Mrs Armstrong


Hi please note dates below for Christmas parties in the School and ECC.  If you wish to collect your child at lunchtime on the day of their party please wait in the playground and we will release them from the middle doors (class doors P1 and P2) at 12.15 pm and return at 1.20 pm, or if you prefer please send in party clothes with your child in the morning.

Tuesday 8th December – P6

Wednesday 9th December – P5

Thursday 10th December – Christmas lunch in school

Friday 11th December – P7 & Christmas Jumper Day

Monday 14th December – P4

Tuesday 15th December – P2

Wednesday 16th December – P1

Thursday 17th December – P3 & ECC (in ECC)

Friday 18th December – close at 2.30 pm for Christmas holidays


by Mrs Armstrong



Brownies is where girls age 7-10 can learn about themselves, their community and beyond through fun, friendship and a whole host of exciting activities and challenges.

We meet once a week via Zoom, due to current restrictions, but hope to return to face to face meetings when circumstances allow. 

If you require further information contact us at: 



Check out this link: https://www.girlguidingscotland.org.uk/sections/brownies/                                                               

Or register your daughter at: https://go.girlguiding.org.uk/join-us/join-as-member

Hope that makes sense, feel free to amend if you feel it necessary for Twitter etc.

Thank you,




by S Leitch

Head Teacher Update

Good morning,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone of you a restful holiday next week.  As I look back over the last term it has certainly been a very different one from all other years that I can remember in education.  There is no doubt that it has been far from normal.  It has presented frustrations for each of us.  When I arrived at Dalrymple, we had no idea this is what education, or society at large, would look like. Your patience and forbearance, with the school community, has been deeply appreciated as we have sought to plot a path through the frequent updated guidelines and restrictions.

I would like to pay special gratitude to the members of the Dalrymple PS & ECC Parent Council who have been nothing but supportive over my time here and in the recent months.  This was done initially by Heather Scott, Chair of the parent council for the last 7 years.  I would like to thank Heather for her dedication and service to the school community over this period of time as she has sought to bring about the best opportunities for the pupils of Dalrymple – thank you Heather!

I would also like to thank our new Chair , Laura Dickie, who has taken over the office on behalf of the Parent Council.  In these uncertain times, it is commendable to take on such a role, with it’s responsibilities, to represent the Parent Forum and support the leadership of the school as we work together for the good of all our children and pupils.  I am already grateful for her support and advice as we have had to negotiate some unprecedented situations due to COVID already in her short tenure so far.

Likewise I would like to welcome Margaret MacDonald to the office of Parent Council Secretary, as she takes over from Mrs Armstrong.  She will work alongside Lynsi Alexander, Treasurer of Parent Council, to ensure the Parent Council runs effectively and responsibly in support of the pupils and parents/carers.  Thank you to them for their work past, present and future.  I would like to thank Mrs Armstrong for her years of supporting the Parent Council in this role.  Although she will now solely focus on the School Administration,  I know she is still only too keen to help out when required.

Also to the other current Parent Council members, old and new, who have already shown their commitment and compassion for the school community, I thank each of you.  I look forward to working with each of them as we seek to take on the next chapter of Dalrymple PS & ECC.  This is a strange time, but we shall continue to strive for excellence and what is best for each of our pupils.

As we break later today for a week’s holiday – however restricted that may be – please ensure each of you remain safe and that we once again focus on what is important – one another!  Following lockdown, I have been struck by how quickly so many of us have been keen to get back to normality.  We have forgotten about the lessons learned during lockdown when we vowed never to fall back into the same old routines and ruts which constrained us and did nothing for our wellbeing and relationships.     When we return on Tuesday 20th October let’s do our best to ensure we have spent our time wisely, reconnecting with the ones who matter, in an increasingly disconnected world.

I look forward to welcoming each of the pupils, back for a full term, as we seek to move forward.

Yours sincerely


Simon Leitch

Head Teacher

by S Leitch

HT Update – Playground

Dear Parents/carers,

Good afternoon! Following discussions with some of our parents/carers of pupils in Primary 1 and 2, I am writing to ask parents/carers of these classes to move slightly from where they currently collect their children. It has been pointed out that the area at the bike shelter can be quite congested at 3pm when older pupils are coming to collect their bikes from the shelter. To ensure we make this area as safe as possible I am asking those collecting P1 pupils to move away from this area and to be at the ECC side of the marked out area. Miss Sloan will direct the pupils to you there as you wait to collect them from the class.   Those collecting P2 pupils, when they return next week, are to stand at the opposite side of the area, away from the bike shelter, on the side closest to the main entrance. Mrs Murray will direct the pupils to you there as you wait to collect them from the class.

I am once again encouraging parents/ carers of other classes, Primary 3 – 7, to remain outside the school playground. This is in the interests of social distancing. There may be some limited number of parents/carers of pupils in these classes who are required to be in the playground, to escort their children to and from class. This is done by prior arrangement with the school and is to support pupils with specific individual needs which are not known to the wider school community. Please ensure we are supportive of these pupils and their parents/carers. They would love nothing more than to be able to allow their children to come and go within the playground, but this is not possible at this time.

Once again I would like to thank you in anticipation of your support in these matters.

Kindest regards,


Simon Leitch

Head Teacher.

by S Leitch

Head Teacher Update

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the school community for their support and understanding over the course of the last few days.  Yesterday’s news of a positive COVID test result brings home to each of us, the reality of our current situation and the need for vigilance and adherence to guidelines.

Yesterday, at school ‘home time’, I was able to speak to some parents/carers of the class affected by this news and explain that they were receiving a letter from Health Protection Scotland alerting them to this fact.  I was particularly touched by the first question I was asked, in relation to this, which was ‘How is the pupil who has tested positive?’  The common concern, which was openly displayed at this time, was so heartfelt and commendable I believe it demonstrates the care and compassion which is at the heart of this school and the community it serves.  I am sure I speak on behalf of those affected by this in expressing their sincere thanks at this time.

The current situation is clearly not one we would wish on anyone, but it is one which is constantly evolving.  This can lead to uncertainty and anxiety among each of us.   Recent events, however, have led to me learning better as to how to go about approaching this situation – refining, amending where necessary to support and serve our pupils.  This can be frustrating for all concerned, but is necessary.  I have been so very impressed with the attitudes of our children since their return to school and especially this week.

I was reminded about this situation when I read this quote which was made by Roger Miller, an American singer who had a No. 1 hit in May 1965 with ‘King of the Road’.  He said,

‘Some people walk in the rain,

Others just get wet.’

There is an overwhelming desire to let current developments get us down and allow them to wash over us.  We need to take this opportunity and demonstrate to our children our own grit, resilience and ability to learn from difficult situations.  This is the message we deliver to our pupils each day.  Learning is a difficult process that involves setbacks but allows us the opportunity to gather ourselves, and confidently step forward – even when it’s raining.  Our pupils are amazing individuals who not only ‘walk in the rain’ but are positively ‘singin’ in the rain’.

I trust you have a restful and productive weekend.


Kindest regards,

Simon Leitch

Head Teacher




by Mrs Armstrong

School re-opening

Dear Parents/ Carers and Young People

Following a meeting today with the professional associations at council level, we are now in a position to advise of the return dates for all schools in EAC.  Teachers will return on 11th August for an in-service day and pupils will return on Wednesday 12th August.  Clearly not all pupils will return physically to school on that day and we will advise you as soon as possible around physical attendance patterns for our young people.  We hope that you will find this information helpful at this time, and we will issue further information about remaining term dates for 20/21 in due course.



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