Cold Piece


We did a cold piece for story writing. Our model text was Zelda Claw it was very good, I really liked it. My classmate Mollie did misdirection she was very confused because she had no idea what it was.

Emile P5H

Cold Piece Writing in P6/7


This week we had to write a cold piece, if you don’t know what a is cold piece, let me explain it: a cold piece is basically a writing assessment where you NO help at all. In my assessment I wrote 7 pages. My assessment was based on my silent reader, Medusa’s Butterfly. I also ran out of time, I was on my 4th paragraph out of the 5 paragraphs I had to do, Miss Campbell said that if our stories were good, then we would get a mark for the ending, even though we didn’t finish in time, while I’m writing we haven’t gotten our results, But I’m hoping that I got a good score!

Liepa P6/7C

Sharing and learning


Today I’m going to tell u about our sharing and learning!

Yesterday there was different stations to go to like gymnastics I was at that station with my friends. some of them and lots of parents came even some baby’s but it was so fun and loved seeing other people reactions .

Karsyn, P5H

Writing in P7M


This week I wrote a story based on fortnite save the world mode and it was called the messenger .A zombie like creature called husks invaded a planet with floating island and the main character had to deliver a message to another safehouse so he took a hammer pump, shotgun, thunder burst SMG , reaper sniper rifle and a striker AR . He went in his whiplash and went to peelys safehouse and eliminated a bunch of husks then vengeance Jonesy [the main character] delivered the message to peely drove back and celebrated him surviving

Arran,  P7M

P5/6S Story Writing


Last week we completed story writing it was about Zelda claw we had to do writing in jotters. We had to do something similar to Zelda claw but in are own character and change the settings a bit. My characters name was Pearl and she’s a Geniea pig and it was really fun.

Emily-Rose P5/6S