P5-7 Blog Entry 24th September 2021


In writing, we are looking at how to write and structure newspaper reports.  Linking in with our Polar Lands topic, we are going to be creating newspaper reports based on Robert Falcon Scott, an Antarctic Explorer.  This week we have been researching the information and next week we will be writing the article.



Over the past few weeks, we have been focusing on addition and remembering how to layout our workings.  This week, we have been looking at number challenges using addition.  We particularly enjoyed the Hexagon Puzzles and the Magic Squares.


Interdisciplinary Learning

When planning our project this term, the children really wanted to focus on Polar Region animals.  Therefore, we are going to be creating TV documentaries on a chosen animal.  We will be recording the documentaries using iPads and possibly a green screen.

P1-5 September Blog Post

In literacy we have been learning all about The Alphabet. Some of us have been looking at lower case letters, some at capital letters and some at alphabetical order. We must remember that all capital letters sit on the line. Alphabetical order is very tricky but we’re now even putting words into alphabetical order.

In numeracy we have been learning all about numbers. We’ve been thinking how they are constructed, how to form them correctly and talking about the language related to number e.g. bigger, smaller, 1 more, 1 less.

We had a Virtual Lesson with Susan Rhind, our ALEC Educator. We discussed how different feelings affect us and how to deal with them. We took part in activities that showed us how to help others when they are upset or feeling left out.

September 2021

The pupils have been learning about how to write a letter.  They have looked at the important parts of a letter such as the address, date and the informal greeting. They have written a letter to Mrs Rabbit and have received one from Max who works at the museum.  Our topic this term will be Castles.

In numeracy we have played lots of games, used HTO materials, numicon and diennes to help continue with our understanding of numbers.

We created our class charter to help us understand what is expected behaviour of us in class.  We have to always remember to be ready, safe and respectful.

Week Beginning 6th September.

Health and Wellbeing

During our Health and Wellbeing lessons, P5-7 have been focusing on the Shanarri indicator ‘Safe.’  We spent some time dealing with risks and how best to handle a variety of situations – this crossed into our Drama lessons which allowed the children to act out a variety of scenarios and think about the steps they would take if they were to be in a similar predicament.  We have now moved on to on-line safety and have been learning about the benefits and disadvantages of the Internet.  We discussed and learned about when, how and if things should be shared on-line.  The children are now developing their learning by creating information Power-points designed to teach children in P1-5 how to stay safe on-line.  If you would like to discuss staying safe on-line with your child, they can show you the website we have used to inform some of our lessons:


In our PE sessions with Mrs Hutton, we have been enjoying progressing our Basketball skills.  In the coming weeks, we hope to challenge each other and take part in a mini class basketball tournament.


In Numeracy, the children have been refreshing their knowledge of the place value of numbers from 10,000 up to and beyond 1,000,000.  We have been reminding ourselves of the importance of reading questions carefully and pulling out important information to help solve number problems. A Marvellous Me post will be sent home in the coming weeks which will detail what your child has specifically been focusing on during Place Value.


During some of our literacy sessions, we have been focussing on reading for information and how this skill is important for life.  If you would like to encourage your child to develop this skill, you could spend some time asking them about books and non-fiction pieces they are reading at home to see if they understand what they are reading.

P5/6/7 – Term 1, Week 2

Welcome back to the new school year. It certainly is lovely to be back.

Health & Wellbeing

As we settle back into the new school term, we have been discussing what we would like our classroom to look like and feel like, to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their learning.  Together we created a Class Charter that looks at our rights and how we would like to approach our learning.


Class Project

This term we are going to be looking at The Polar Lands.  Together we created a project plan of what we would like to learn and some activities we would like to do.  As there is so much to explore in the topic, we also selected Personal Projects that we are going to work on throughout the term.  We started to create our mini booklets this week.


To tie in with our new project on Polar Lands, we are going to be looking at non-fiction writing.  We are going to be using the Talk 4 Writing resources to help us think about the language, the structure and layout of non-fiction texts.  Then we will create some of our own non-fiction texts.

Primary 1 – 5

To begin the new school year Primary 1 – 5 have been looking at all our different talents. We looked at the story ‘The Dot.’ Then we all drew our own pictures that began with one simple blank dot.



In literacy we are beginning to look at new sounds.


Within number work some children have been collecting materials to match the number. We’ve been learning how to write the numbers correctly and what comes before and after a number. We’ve also been playing number games to match the numbers we are working with.

Final Blog Post of 2020/2021 😮😎 P5/6/7 – June 2021  

Just like that, we are now two weeks away from the end of the school year.  It certainly has been another unique year, but it has flown by so quickly!  Mrs Hutton, Mrs Bird and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your patience, support, hard work and good spirits throughout this year.  We are really proud of you all!

We are exceptionally proud of how you have adapted between in school learning, home learning and then back to in school learning again.  You have been amazing and having you back in school this term has been so much fun.  We’ve certainly had a few giggles along the way.  Normally to do with my reading of our class novel.

We will be starting to send home the children’s work from this year.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could put some carrier bags inside your child’s school bag for them to take home their work and belongings.  You can then leave the items in the carrier bags for 72 hours before looking at it.



To finish off our project, we are going to be looking at the flags of the Caribbean countries.  We will be exploring their designs to establish where they came from and what they represent.  We will also be concluding our own personal research questions.



Over the next two weeks, we will be using the sports and hobbies vocabulary that we have been learning to create short conversations.  These will focus on saying which sports we like, we really enjoy and those we don’t like as much.



Our final maths topic is 3D shape.  We will be looking at 3D nets, naming shapes and thinking about how they are constructed.  There will be a design challenge coming where we need to use the shape nets that we have been learning about.


Throughout this session, Mrs Gatherum has been working with the class every Tuesday, focusing on Art.  Below is a selection of what they have been doing this term.  The artwork has centred around our Oceans and Caribbean project.

Caribbean Islands

The children used sharpies, pastels and gold foil paper to create a scene of a Caribbean island.


View Finder Activity

The children used a view finder to select part of a given picture.  They then created a black and white frame to go around their picture.


In the Ocean

The children had to pick something that lives in the ocean and create it using black and white patterns.  For the background, they created patterns in white pastels before putting a wash paint on top to create a moving Ocean.

We still have two weeks to go, which, I’m sure, will fly in.   We hope that you have a fantastic holiday, when it comes.  To our P7’s, we are going to miss you next year!  We wish you all the best at Mearns Academy and we can’t wait to hear all about your 3 day visit, next week.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Hutton, Mrs Bird and Mrs Fish



P1-4 Update – June 2021

P1-4 had a fantastic afternoon on Thursday for our Sports Challenge! Our class chose Disney as our theme and it was lovely to see everyone dressed the part. The children had worked hard on designing the sports course, using methods of travel that we have covered in PE and improving our hula hoop and skipping skills! It was great to see and hear the children cheering each other on and supporting one another as their teams attempted the course. As well as this, it was great to see the family and friends that were able to come and watch all whilst keeping safe during these times.

In our Protecting the Planet topic we have been learning about Ocean Habitats and sea life. The children have looked at the different kinds of sea creatures and the habitats they live in. We have discussed Coral Reefs, Rock Pools, and the Deep Sea. When learning about the habitats we have looked at how plastic pollution has affected each one and the sea life that inhabit them. Pupils have discussed how we can switch from single use plastic to reusable items to help reduce the plastic in the oceans.

Lastly, as we approach the final few weeks of this term, I would like to thank everyone for their hard work during this school session. In what has been a difficult and uncertain year, I am so proud of all the children for their efforts both during home learning and in school. They have adapted to each obstacle this year has thrown, from being in and out of school, navigating google classroom (I think we have all improved technologically this year) to ensuring everyone’s safety by following the school rules and guidelines. We have had a lot of fun, laughs and ‘air high 5’s’ along the way!

P1-4 Blog Post

P1-4 have been continuing to learn about pollution and the effects on our planet during our Topic! The pupils have enjoyed researching and learning about plastic pollution in the ocean and what we can do to help. Our focus of recent has been recycling and single-use plastic alternatives! P1-4 created some great posters on recycling with Mrs Cheyne!


In literacy we have been focusing on our writing skills using traditional tales. The Robins have been creating detailed drawings and story maps for the Three Billy Goats Gruff and the Three Little Pigs. The Bees have focused on sentence structure whilst rewriting the story with a clear beginning, middle and end. The Ladybirds and Spiders have looked at rewriting the stories and changing the ending, making sure to use correct punctuation and sentence structure, and will look to see how we can up-level our writing next!

During PE we are practicing our Sports Challenge! The class worked together to come up with different ways to travel around the course and a different challenge for at each station! P1-4 have really enjoyed creating this challenge and supporting each other as they go through the course!





P5/6/7 – 28.5.21

Maths – Area

We have been exploring area in maths.  Last week, we were exploring how to calculate the area of rectangles and squares using the formula A = l x b.  This week, we have exploring how to find the area of triangles.  Firstly, we looked at right angled triangles and realised that the formula was A = ½ (l x b).  Then we carried out a practical experiment to see if the same formula could be used for all types of triangles and we discovered that it can.



To tie in with the Olympic Games, we are looking at sports and hobbies in French.  This week we have been looking at how to pronounce some sports in French.  We played a game of Connect 4 using some of the sporting events.

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at some of our other hobbies and we will use these to start building oral sentences in French.  Feel free to ask us which sports we know.