P5-7 The Victorians

P5-6-7’s topic this term has been The Victorians.  Last week, we created timelines of important events throughout the Victorian Era:

We also linked our topic with Literacy to create an effective advert for a Victorian mode of transport.  We researched our chosen mode of transport first, then used the knowledge we had gained to create an effective advert:

You can watch one of the adverts below:

P5 – 7 Online Learning Update


This term, pupils are learning about time, as well as number patterns and relationships.  Through a mixture of games, problem solving and written tasks, the children have been focusing on calculating durations of time.  Some have even been planning their own days out to a new location – something we can all dream of doing after lockdown!


At the beginning of term, the children used a picture as inspiration to write their own fictional piece of writing.  They focused on writing a story with a well structured beginning, middle and end.  It was good fun reading the twists and turns the children came up with for their story.

In the past couple of weeks, we have focused on non-fiction styles of writing using our topic, The Victorians, as a basis for this.  Last week, we pretended to be Victorian children living in a workhouse and used our knowledge of this to write an effective diary entry.

Other Curricular Areas:

We have been enjoying dancing, boxercise and yoga throughout our PE sessions.  During our art lessons, we went on a virtual trip to a well known gallery in London and learned about a few famous artists.  We completed projects on famous Victorian inventors and thought about what life would be like now if they hadn’t created their inventions:

P1-4 Online Update

P1-4 are continuing to embrace online learning with fantastic efforts in their remote learning tasks! We are very proud of each and everyone for their hard work over these last few weeks.


This term we are looking at Time, as well as patterns and relationships. Pupils have enjoyed looking at the Days of the Week and Months of the Year during home learning. Through a mixture of songs and practical tasks we have been looking at ordering both Months of the Year and Days of the Week. In addition to this we have investigated lengths of time and how long certain tasks may take us to complete. We will be going on to looking at Telling the Time, some pupils have been busy this week making their own clocks at home!



In literacy P1-4 have been continuing to learn new sounds and spelling patterns. In writing we have been looking at creating our owns stories, given a starter or a picture for inspiration, and checking over our work when finished.  We have been learning about nouns and verbs, as well as the P4’s beginning to look at different tense.


Other Curricular Areas

P1-4 have enjoyed selecting tasks to complete from the curricular grid each day. We have had a mixture of Marvel’s Avengers style workouts, researching countries we have visited and helping make the tea to name a few! This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and Tuesday’s story of the day was Lucy’s Blue Day. After listening to the story pupils had the opportunity to discuss how they were feeling and draw a picture of themselves with the colour of hair to match their feelings!


P1-4 January Blog Post

P1-4 have been adapting well to online learning in January. Pupils have been enjoying daily riddles, Newsround and challenges along with their Numeracy, Literacy and Curricular grid tasks. We have also kept up on the Newsround Quiz of the Week on Friday!

During online learning we have been consolidating learning from Term 2 before moving onto new learning in weeks 2 and 3. In numeracy pupils have enjoyed revisiting shape and made some fantastic shape robots and pictures using a variety of 2D and 3D shapes, as well as listing the names and properties for the shapes they have used. Here are some fantastic examples of the shape robots created.

In literacy, we have continued to learn new sounds and focus on spelling. The children have been enjoying having a story uploaded to Google Classroom for them to read and hear daily. We have had some fantastic characters imagined and brought to life in writing through drawings and using adjectives to describe them! Here are some super examples.

School Reminders – All stages


PE is on Wednesday and Fridays. Pupils should come to school in the appropriate PE kit.

Homework will be uploaded to Google Classroom every Monday, if you need a reminder of your child’s login please get in touch.

Due to the changing weather, pupils should make sure to bring a jumper as the windows will be open for ventilation in the classroom.



PE. is on a Monday and a Friday remember to come dressed for outdoor weather.

Remember a waterproof jacket daily as we will have outdoor learning.

P5-7 Cross Curricular


  • We have been covering a range of Health and Wellbeing topics based around respect, making positive decisions, evaluating risk and danger and building positive relationships.
  • During our Science lessons, we have partaken in a range of theoretical and practical experimentation around physics, chemistry and biology and the children have thoroughly enjoyed running a chemical reaction workshop. Our focus has been on the use of scientific language and forming predictions.
  • The children have been developing their understanding of the language of coding and its relevance in the world around us.
  • In PE, we have been developing our basketball skills, teamwork, co-ordination and balance skills.

P5-7 Topic


Prehistoric Times – Through a cross-curricular approach, the children have been learning about and creating Neolithic dwellings and have thoroughly enjoyed their outdoor learning experience where they recreated stone age tools and weapons and through research and re-enactments, gained a greater understanding of what life was like back then.

P5-7 Literacy and English

We are continuing to develop our listening, talking, reading and writing skills this term.  Within writing, we have been learning about different styles of poetry and using our knowledge to write our own effective pieces.

We are developing our understanding of spelling graphemes and which ones are connected with which phonemes and the patterns therein – we are then investigating their application within texts.

During our reading lessons we have been developing our comprehension as well as our analytic and evaluative thinking skills through reading for enjoyment and choice. The children have become very enthused for reading and it has been lovely to hear them talk in depth about what they are reading as well as recommending new reads to each other.

To develop our listening and talking skills we have been working in groups whilst using our ‘Prehistoric’ topic to create projects about The Bronze Age and presenting these to our classmates.

Next term – we will have a focus on non-fiction writing linked to our topic.

Ways you can support your child:  Encourage your child to read little and complete their spelling homework each week.