Our School

In Seaview, we believe that it is essential to create a school community with a fundamental value system is at its core, helping us to get it right for every child. The values of teamwork, excellence, happiness and fairness are the basis on which our aims have been developed. These give us a framework within which we can reflect and through which we can help our children to become responsible citizens within society, today and in future years.

Our vision: We work together to be the best we can be!

Our aims: Seaview Learner Qualities

In Seaview, we want our children to be treated fairly, to be happy and enjoy learning. We want our pupils to feel valued, confident and included in all aspects of learning and where everyone will achieve success through effort, commitment and resilience.

To achieve this, we provide our pupils with relevant, meaningful and rich learning opportunities. We celebrate their achievements and successes, engage with their parents and the wider school community and continually enhance our knowledge and skills through career-long learning.