Meet our new S6 Science Ambassador


My name is Dionne Hall and I am this year’s Science Ambassador for Fernielea.  I am a sixth year pupil at Hazlehead Academy and I have a real passion for Science.  I am also an ex-Fernielea pupil.

My aim this year is to show the children all the different career paths within Science and get them excited about Science!

To achieve this I am going to be organising a display board to show the pupils all the different famous scientists and the careers they have followed.  I also hope to do experiments and talks with the pupils to engage them in talking about Science.

I will keep you up to date with all of the work I am doing at Fernielea.

Thank you.

Dionne Hall

S6 Science Ambassador


Magnetism Fun!

On Thursday we had great fun finding out about Magnets. We were checking to see if all metals were magnetic.

We found out:

“Not all metals are magnetic.”

“Only metals with iron are magnetic.”

“Everything that is magnetic is metal.”

“It doesn’t matter what colour the metal is, it is magnetic because of what it’s made of. ”

Building Bridges

In Science Club today everyone had to build a bridge to hold up to 1400g in weight. We were pleasantly surprised at how effective their designs were! We had many bridges that held the target weight.

The most popular design was flat with concertina paper inside to add strength.

Some combined tubes and folded paper, others tried to use triangular prisms.
We learned that the strongest shape when building is a triangle .




Dissolving Experiment

We tried to dissolve salt in water with different temperatures – hot, warm and cold.

We had to guess which would dissolve the fastest.

2 of us though the cold water and 2 of us thought the hottest water.

We carried out the experiment and guess what…..?

The cold was the fastest but it wasn’t supposed to be – we think Molly just did a great job with the stirring.

The hot is meant to dissolve the salt the fastest because hot water has more energy and can make the salt change from a SOLID to a liquid more quickly.

Dissolving means that a SOLID goes into a liquid to create a solution which is a mix of the 2.  Even if you can’t see the salt it is still there.

Have a look at our photographs.


Water Experiment

Stephy, our Science Ambassador, worked with a small group of children to investigate water.

They carried out an experiment.

First we put a pencil into a beaker of water.

Then we looked at the pencil and we saw that the pencil looked like it was broken or bent!

Stephy helped us to discuss why this happened.  It was called refraction.  It is when the light goes through the glass and the water and they both have different density.

Here are some photographs of our experiment.

Science Ambassador

Hi, my name is Stephy Philip and I’m a sixth year pupil at Hazlehead Academy. I’m pleased to be a S6 Science Ambassador for Fernielea Primary School this year.

My aim is to help widen pupil’s knowledge of chemistry and how it is related to the world around them.

In order to achieve this aim I will be preparing different kinds of chemistry related experiments for them to be involved in. I will also be giving the pupils an opportunity to ask me any questions about chemistry.

I thank Fernielea for giving me this opportunity and I’m looking forward to working with the school this year.


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