Children’s parliament

We were visited today by the Children’s Parliament where the children learned about our basic rights and needs from when we are in the womb to age 12. A lot were the same but some differ with the ages we become. We learned about Human Dignity and made a “dignomotor” using our plans we made in our groups.

Bridge Construction

Primary 5 had a fantastic morning learning about bridges and construction. They listened very well to instructions and dressed as construction workers, got to build a bridge and get over it! They had some very heavy lifting and had to correctly join steel ropes to the walkway. They also had to work out which connections and screws to use!

Prayer Space

The children were very lucky to have some American visitors today who provided them with a Prayer Space. The children got private messages from God and could share their worries, troubles and thoughts silently or out loud. A lot of children say they felt better for sharing their problems.

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day today has the children dressed in either pyjamas or their favourite character. We participated in a book swap in the library which was great fun. The children were discussing which books they thought would be suitable for each other. In the afternoon, we went to visit our buddy class in Primary 2 to read with them. It was a lovely end to the day.