SHMU Broadcast

We had an amazing and exciting time at shmu FM today.  After our tour of the station, we practised our script to make sure there were no mistakes. Then it was showtime! We were Live! It was really nerve-wracking, but still really fun! We hope the listeners enjoyed the show!



We loved our cards from P4/5! They are so beautiful and thoughtful. It was great to read about what you learned from us and what you enjoyed doing. Plus, they make our door look really colourful now!


Open Day for P4-6

Following on from the success of our Open Afternoon, we decided to showcase our World War 2 with the P4-6’s. We hope they had a great time, we certainly enjoyed passing on our new skills!




Open Afternoon

Thanks to to all the parents that came to our Open Afternoon! It was a great success! We really enjoyed showing you everything we have been learning and doing this term.



Prayer Space

We had a great time at the prayer space! We reflected on our worries and what we’re grateful for. Such a relaxing way to end the week!



For the last few weeks we have been working really hard to put together a Radio Show! It’s all about music, performance and glee. We have some interviews, stories and music from our very own Glee Choir and guitarist! Be sure to tune in at 11am on Friday 29th March to hear what we have been doing!


Carrot Cookies

We decided to try out a popular recipe from World War 2 – Carrot Cookies! Since this was the time of rationing, the carrots added some moisture to the mixture to help it bake. We were surprised at how good they tasted!


STEM Challenges

P7S have been applying their problem solving and teamwork skills to build structures. They were tasked to build a bridge that would hold a specific weight, but could only use paper straws and sellotape!