Spaghetti Towers

P7S enjoyed a STEM activity on Tuesday with Miss Farquhar. Our intention was to try and  build the biggest tower possible with spaghetti and only 10 marshmallows!

We focused on working as a team and the skills that are required in group work. We learned that when we co-operate, we get the best results.

We decided that the tallest tower belonged to Mason, Findlay,  Alex and Connie, their tower was 68cm tall!

Well done to everyone for working so hard!




Today both P7 classes went on a bus to go to Absafe in the Bridge of Don. At Absafe the Primary 7’s learned about how to keep themselves and others safe in the  community. Some of the highlights and important information that we learned were:

  • Pretending it was someone’s birthday and they dropped their new phone on a railway track. We had to figure out how to collect it safely. The best way is to leave it!
  • Someone in the class had to pretend to be unconscious and we learned how to do the recovery position.
  • Solvent abuse can kill you instantly.
  • We were in a pretend Living Room and had to point out the fire hazards. Then we watched a video based on a real life story.
  • In another video we learned about Road Safety – specifically listening out for cars, not music.
  • During another activity, we learned how to resolve cyber-bullying safely.
  • We completed a quiz at the start of the sessions and a quiz at the end to show how much we learned. The score went up at the end of the day (we even beat last years P7 score…)

Overall, it was exciting, interesting and a fun day!  

Harvest Assembly

This year we decided to showcase our learning from the start of the term. The class worked really hard to learn about how other countries celebrate Harvest, and the differences in the crops they grow.


Since we are a Rights Respecting School, we linked the harvest to Article 24 of the Childs’ Rights. We compiled a checklist to assess the UK and Ethiopia to see whether or not children had full access to this right.


As part of the Harvest tradition, we asked the school to donate dried goods for the Aberdeen Cyrenians. We were so pleased to have collected so much! 34 bags full of food that will be used to support homeless people in Aberdeen. Thanks everyone for your generosity! 


For the past 2 weeks, Primary 7 has joined up to learn different cooking skills with Mrs Boyd. At the moment, the focus is on cutting. We made a delicious apple crumble and some carrot batons with hummus. Keep checking to see what we make next!


Primary 7S had a brilliant time at TechFest this year! There was loads to learn! From how sports stars keep their energy to building a real suspension bridge that we got to go over!