Mad for maths

This term we worked on money💷💷💷💷💷. Wecreated a shop with items which we priced for us to add together, work out change and role play being shop keeper and customer. What fun!

We have explored time working on knowing days of the week, months of the year, o clock, half past and quarter past with an hour earlier and later in analogue and digital times.

We continue each week to work on our learn it sums, counting practice, it’s nothing new (doubling, halving) and calculations addition, subtraction and some multiplication.



In literacy over the past term we have worked learning on our sounds and spelling patterns in different ways…

In writing  we have been researching more about people who help us to create our own paramedics information book by reading, sketching, taking notes, looking at photographs, websites and videos.


In our reading groups we have worked on:

  • reading to an audience with fluency, good pace and expression
  • retelling a story through drama
  • writng our predictions and pre-reading questions
  • discussing  our books and answering questions to help our understanding
  • dictionary skills and vocabulary in our texts
  • taking what we learned from our books and exploring this through play

World book day

What a fantastic day! We had great fun dressing up, reading our favourite stories, decorating our classroom door with one of our favourite class stories ‘the pigeon finds a hotdog’ by Mo Willems. We enjoyed a playground treasure hunt and did buddy reading with p4 r16!

Engineering week

Last week we had a team of teachers and engineers in school helping us to learn about the different types of engineering jobs there are and the skills and tasks they do.

We completed 4 challenges and had to learn some knowledge and skills about being therse types of engineers using the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears as our theme. Here are some of our challenges…

We were design engineers – designing and labelling materials in baby bear’s garden…

We were civil engineers building a prototype den for baby bear from different materials…

We were agricultural engineers thinking about how machines and growing crops can give us our products to eat…

What a fun week. We know materials + engineers = product !

Education city homework

Across the school we have a homework trial for Education  City. The usernames and passwords for your child are in their reading records.

From a PC or Mac you can sign into education city at

From mobiles devices you will need to download Puffin Academy. Click here for these instructions:

At home you will only have access to the homework part of EDucation Ccity.

Please do ask if you have any questions about how to access Education City.


Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a great October break! This week in p2 r 9 we became authors. We wrote our own personal recount books about our October holidays. We then peer assessed our books by listening to our partner read, then discussing and writing a star – something done well and a wish – something to work on for next time.

In maths we watched the story of ‘A cloak for the dreamer’ all about 3 sons making tesselating shape cloaks for the Arch Duke. We created our own tesselating cloak patterns and pictures. We also explored objects and shapes which are symmetrical.





Our term one round up!

What a busy term 1 of primary 2 it has been!


We have learned about parts of our community, map skills using grids, accessing Google maps and satellite maps, creating our own maps, going on our street walk, making street models and learning about different shapes and patterns in the types of houses in our community.


Each week we listen to and read books while exploring reading skills such as predicting, blending, using picture clues, visualising, inferencing and asking questions about the texts we read.

We study common/tricky words and sounds (phonemes) with spelling patterns (graphemes) each week in a range of active ways.

We have focused on writing personal recounts using the time connectives first, then, next, after that, finally while remembering capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and writing independently.


This term we have done lots of number work on place value, teen/ ty numbers, sequencing numbers, counting forwards, backwards, 10 more, 10 less and some addition and subtraction. We have also explored, position/movement focusing on directions forwards, backwards, left, right, using beebots, maps and grids. We have worked on recognising the names and properties of 2D and 3 D shapes.

Health and wellbeing

We have explored how to be a good friend, ways to solve small problems (conflicts) independently using Kelso’s Choices and how to be kind to others by being a Bucket Filler! We can also earn Dojo Points for our Dojo avatar by trying hard to follow our class essential agreements.

What at a great term in p2! Continue reading Our term one round up!

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