Week 1- CLIC Targets

Week 1 CLIC Targets

C- Counting-  Core Numbers. I can round and estimate numbers.

L- Learn it’s- Times Tables- I can recall times table facts with speed.

I- It’s Nothing New- x 10 and ÷ 10- I can multiply and divide by 10 100 1000

C- Calculations- Division. I can divide using different methods 

Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

It’s the beginning of term 2, a busy, exciting term with lots to look forward to and lots to achieve!

We had a very successful 1st term and I am looking forward to seeing primary 7 continue to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and confident individuals.

This term our curriculum focuses are:

Maths- Estimation and Rouding/ Data Analysis

Numeracy- CLIC targets- These will continue to be posted weekly (on the blog and on Google Classroom)

Spelling- Group focuses. These will also continue to be posted weekly (on the blog and on Google Classroom)

Writing- Correspondence/Letters- with a persuasive focus

Reading- Group focuses.

PE- Basketball

Health and Wellbeing- Relationships, health and parenthood. Focus changes weekly.

Art- Perspective and Printing

Topic- Aberdeen. We will be exploring Aberdeen’s landscape, land use, areas of interest and comparing Aberdeen with a contrasting area.

As always any questions please get in touch.

Miss MacAskill