CLIC Targets Week Beginning 4th October

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At Abbotswell we use the Big Maths scheme. Each week the pupils are set CLIC targets which we explore together. These help with the children’s core numeracy skills. Each letter stands for one of the elements.

C– Counting

L– Learn Its

I– It’s Nothing New

C– Calculations

This week we are continuing our targets from our short week last week:

C- Saying Numbers– I can count to 100.

Remember to:

  • Take care when moving to the next multiple of 10. 

L– Number bonds to 10.  ( For example, 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6, 5+5).

I– Doubling and Halving: I can double 1 digit numbers. ‘Double 4 is 8’

Remember to: learn that double…

  • 1 is 2
  • 2 is 4
  • 3 is 6
  • 4 is 8
  • 5 is 10

CI can add numbers of objects to 10. 

Remember to:

  • Find out how many there are in the larger group
  • Count on from the larger group
  • Count on each one carefully

Supporting your child at home these targets would be very beneficial and hugely appreciated.