Week beginning Monday 29th November 2021

Now we have completed the third set of letter sounds – g, o, u, l, f and b. This week in school we will revise these sounds and do some activities to consolidate them. Matching pictures to their initial sound, forming the letter sounds and thinking of things which start with the letter sounds. We can now also start to form words using these letter sounds, along with the first 12 sounds – got, fan, fog, hut, etc.

For homework try to make some of these words together at home using the individual letter sounds in the yellow envelope at the front of the pink book. Please write the words you make on the homework page for Friday. This is the start of blending where we say the sounds together to read the word.

Common Words

Every week in school the children will be introduced to two common words. These will be revised daily and displayed in the classroom. Our aim is for the children to recognise and be able to read the words. They can be reinforced at home by completing the common word homework for Thursday each week. Words for this week are on and all. You may need to help your child to write the number after counting the words together. They can also try to write the words.

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