Friday 3rd April

Well done for all of your hard work this week.


Revise your sounds from the week and enjoy a listening to a story with a someone. You may wish to explore some of the Education City games if you haven’t already had the chance.


Practice your CLIC targets for this week. How are you getting on? You may wish to try some of the activities highlighted in Monday’s blog post.

Easter/Spring Activities

As this is the last day of term before Easter you may want to do some Easter art or craft. Try drawing and decorating your own Easter Eggs. If you have access to a printer you may want to print out some Easter/Spring worksheets. Twinkl is free to access at the moment          free access code   UKTWINKLHELPS

You could get an adult to hard boil an egg and then you can decorate it with pens, paints or even stick things on to turn it into something eggciting!!!

Some other ideas you might want to try.  An adult may have to help with some of the folding and cutting.

Hope you all manage to enjoy the holidays, get some rest at home with your family and stay safe.

Thursday 2nd March


Today consolidate the ue sound.  Below is a video you may wish to watch. Can you verbally put some sentences using ue words. For an extra challenge, work together to write some of these sentences and draw some pictures.


Remember to keep working on your CLIC targets (see Monday’s blog post).

Do you have chalk in your house? Previously we have written numbers on the playground floor and asked the pupils to jump the sum. E.g if you have asked them to solve 3+2, the pupils first stand on the number 3 and take two jumps to the right and landed on 5. You can then write the number sentence together. Likewise, if you asked them to solve 5-3, they would stand on the 5 and physically have to jump back two spaces to the right. This helps  to reinforce their knowledge of addition and subtraction. This activity could also be completed indoors with your number line from your learning pack. 

Joe Wicks

Get active with Joe Wicks today. I’d love to see photos! The link below is his video from yesterday. He posts a new video each day at 9am.


Have a fantastic day!


Wednesday 1st April

Today consolidate your knowledge of the oi sound. Here are some videos to explore. I have assigned an oi game to Education City which you may wish to explore.


Refer back to your CLIC targets for the week (see Monday’s blog post). Have you tried to make your own doubling sentences yet?

In Room 1 we have been working on beginning to recognise the relationship between addition and subtraction. You may wish to watch this video.

I have created an addition and subtraction city on Education City. Not all of these activities need to be completed in one day. You may wish to complete a couple.


Here’s another Yoga activity from Cosmic Kids. There’s lots of yoga stories on their website to choose from. I have loved seeing photos of you trying some out.

I hope you have a fantastic day!





Tuesday 31st March

Revise the ou sound. Here are some links to watch.

Writing – if you would like to try some writing here is a suggestion for today.

Listen to the story – Tiddler

Give your child the sentence starter – you will need to write this for them to copy.

Sorry I’m late, I was …

then they can choose an ending

riding on a seahorse.

flying with a ray.

diving with a dolphin.

swimming round a shipwreck.

Draw a picture and write the sentence – don’t forget finger spaces and the full stop.


Remember to have a look at your CLIC targets for the week. (Shared in Monday’s Blog Post).  As we continue to work on doubling across the week. Here is a suggested activity to help.

What happens to a number when you double it? Can you double these numbers by using the ladybird? You can draw your own ladybird or print out this one. Children can draw on ladybirds or use something like beads or counters. You can talk about the link between doubling a number and counting up in 2’s.

100 Indoor Actitivities

Try one of the suggested indoor activities. I loved seeing photos of lots of you enjoying some of these activities last week.

I’m so excited to see how you get on!

Monday 30th March


Today please revise the qu sound. Here are some videos which you may wish to watch. I have loaded a qu game on to Education City that you can explore.

It’s great to hear that some of you began exploring the Oxford Owls Website with your child on Friday. If your are struggling to find a level that is appropriate for your child please let me know. You can filter by book band.


Here are our CLIC Challenges for you to work on across the week. Do a little bit each day. Do not feel like you have to cover all of these suggested activities in one day.

C- Counting on and counting back. One more and one less within 10.

I have added a more and less challenge to everyone’s SumDog account which you may wish to explore this week.

L-Doubles within 10.

This week challenge yourself to make some doubling stories with things in your house. See some examples below:

I found 3 eggs in my kitchen. I found three more, so I know that I had double. Then I had 6 eggs.

I found 5 pencils on my desk. I put 5 more with them to make double and now I have 10.


I found 4 leaves in the garden. I added 4 more leaves, so I had double and now I have 8.

I-Doubles within 10.

1+1=2     2+2=4     3+3=6     4+4=8     5+5=10

C-I can share out objects fairly.

An example you could try:

Put  3 teddy bears out and ask your child to share out sweets to them e.g 15 sweets so the bears get 5 each. Emphasize the importance of sharing them fairly and equally.  


For our Future Topic we have been learning about technology and the world of work. Have a look at this link about computers and how they work. If you would like to explore programming more you could download the free BeeBot app from the app store.

Have a wonderful day!

Week One Celebration

I wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate some of the wonderful things you have been doing this week.

Making rainbows, I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Working hard writing stories.

Having fun with some indoor challenges. 

Using some digital resources.

Having fun with tally marks.

Learning new sounds. 

Having fun exploring the garden and spending time outdoors.

Concentrating very hard to make soup. 

I am so proud of everyone! Thank you very much for all the lovely photos you have sent me this week. Each and every one has brought a smile to my face. I can’t wait to celebrate what you do next week!


Friday 27th March

Good morning everyone!  I hope you are all doing well.


Image result for books clipart

In the absence of reading books coming home, below is a link to a great resource called Oxford Owls for Home. It’s completely free to register and it gives access to lots of Oxford Reading books in their free eLibrary. Some of the ebooks have interactive comprehension activities too. Once registered, there is a tool which helps you to select books at the correct level for your child or you can just browse books by age group. As well as reading books, you can also find maths games and a home learning activities section with interactive activities and free printable worksheets. Definitely worth a look!

I know that some of you have already been enjoying using sites such as Teach Your Monster to Read.  This website is free to access through a laptop.

ABC Scavenger Hunt Image result for magnifying glass

Go around your house/garden and see if you can find something starting with each letter of the alphabet. You can alter this game in lots of ways. If there are sounds you have been working on together perhaps write your child a list of 6 letters and ask them to go and find you something that begins with each of those letters. Have fun!


Revisit your CLIC targets set for the week. The SumDog challenges are still live today if anyone would like to explore these.

Fancy getting creative with your tally marks and subtraction work? Why not give this bowling a try or design your own game or challenge. I’d love to see photos!

Fun Bowling Subtraction Game - Fun Math ideas for Kindergarten. #kindergarten #firstgrade #preschool #easymathgames #

100 Indoor Activities 

Don’t forget about the 100 indoor activities. I have loved seeing pictures of some of the fun you’ve been having trying some of the activities. Mr Bear has enjoyed a game of bingo this week.



Thank you again for all of your hard work this week. I hope you have a great day!




Thursday 26th March


Draw pictures of words that have the ar sound in them. For an extra challenge you could try to write these words. Can you verbally put these into a sentence?


I loved receiving photos from yesterday’s tally mark challenge!

After practicing using tally marks yesterday. Can you take a survey using tally marks today? Be creative, this could be for the colour of cars passing your house, types of plants you have in your garden? Anything at all. Again, if you would like to send me photos of your hard work I’d love to see them.


As some of you may have already heard Joe Wicks is running PE sessions for kids everyday. The videos are posted everyday at 9am but you can complete them at any point. Lots of people have been enjoying taking part, even parents! I’ve linked his video from yesterday below.

I hope you all have a lovely day!🌈





Wednesday 25th March


Our new sound is ar. Below are some videos and activities that you may wish to explore together.

I have loaded an ‘ar’ game onto everyone’s education city account that you can explore.


We have been exploring data handling in Room 1 this term. Today challenge yourself to practice using tally marks. Can you use things around your house to make tally marks? Lollipop sticks, pipe  cleaners, sticks from the garden or even towels, get creative! Ask someone to give you a number and you could make that number of tally marks. Ask someone to lay out tally marks for you. How many tally marks are there? I’d love to see photos of your hard work!

Image result for tally marks rhyme


If you haven’t already tried cosmic yoga give it a go! It’s been great to hear that some of you have already been enjoying using it as part of your day.


Finally, I’m sure many of you will have seen children’s pictures of rainbows popping up in house windows. The idea is that children make a picture of a rainbow (sometimes with a positive message written on) and display in a house window to spread hope and happiness during this unsettling time. If your child has made one or would like to make one, please send me a photo of it as I would love to share a rainbow each day in my post to brighten up our day! 🌈😃


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