Teaching P34 to Blog

Yesterday we worked with Primary 3&4 in order to teach them how to blog. We had to log them them into Glow, and this caused a bit of a problem because all the passwords needed to be changed. Maisie said she had problems because her partner was newer to the school and didn’t know her account. Ciara said sometimes typing passwords was tricky, but pressing the show password button helped.
Next we had to show them where to find the blog on their class Glow page. Alicia said once they were on the dashboard some got stuck on what to write about. Elizabeth was impressed with how good some people were at typing. A really top tip our class passed on was to copy the blog before you publish because sometimes the system times out, and you would have to start again if you didn’t copy it first. When P34 were doing the blogs Danni was impressed with how much they wrote and their spelling. In order to teach skills to others, Annie said you need to be good at explaining things and Abbie said you must be patient, as people can take a long time to type. Oliver noticed you need to give people lots of thinking time.
Some of P45 are having problems getting on to their own blogs in school. Mrs Clark will investigate!

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