Our Science Club has spent some time now considering all aspects of wave power design and have done really well to come up with some innovative designs to enter for the competition.  Building them may prove a little more tricky, but we are looking forward to giving it a go.

Some of the issues we had to think about;

Floating and stability- Did we need weights to make our designs more stable in the water? Should we use wave breakers to keep it in position?

Electricity generation- How often does the magnet need to pass through the coils?  Friction of the magnet on a surface, lining the magnet and coils up.

Wave movement- How does the way waves move affect design?  Will all designs work, or does it depend on direction, height and frequency of waves.

Next week is National science week and we are doing lots of exciting things to do with movement.  Hopefully we will have time to blog and tell you all about it.

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