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News from P3/2, P2/1 and P2A

We have been really busy practising our Christmas song ‘ Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’ which we will be performing at our whole school Christmas Assembly on Wednesday. Here is the link if you want to sing it at home :

This has been a highlight for Carlie, especially when all the P2s have been practising it together.  Thursday was such an exciting day as the P2 children from P3/2 spent the whole day with their friends in P2A and P2/1. Lily and Orla both loved this.

We looked amazing on Thursday afternoon. The boys looked so handsome in their party clothes and the girls were just full of sparkles !  Lyle loved playing all the party games and Mekhi was so excited when Santa arrived. Thank you Santa for our lovely presents.

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What has been happening in P2/1 and P2 this week?

It is starting to feel like Christmas in our classrooms with our morning starter activities and twinkling Christmas trees. A big highlight for Lily and Mekhi was writing a letter to Santa. I wonder if he has received our letters yet?

We have been very busy this week counting numbers before and after within 100. It can still be very tricky remembering which number comes before when we “bridge a 10”. This has been  Carlie, Lyle, Daniel and Sam’s favourite activity this week.

We are enjoying discovering which 2D shapes we can recognise in 3D shapes. We are even trying to build our own 3D shapes which is very challenging.

The Magic Key took us to the Jungle this week . We discovered that there are lots of different layers which are home to a variety of animals. We loved choosing which animal we wanted to draw for our Magic Key display.




News from P2/1 and P2A

We have been so busy this week in P2/1 and P2a. We actually managed to count to 100 and then back from 100 to zero.

Lily said : ‘ It was really challenging counting back from 100’.

We enjoyed working with 2D shape and we are trying to remember the names of five sided, six sided and eight sided shapes. Can you remember the names?

Daniel  said : ‘ I loved playing the shape lotto game with my teacher, Lily and Jessica’.

We are really enjoying all our spelling activities which we do at home and at school. We love to show our teachers the words we have learned when we do our spelling test on a Friday.

The biggest highlight of this week was visiting the Red Planet. We loved drawing our own ‘ creatures’ from the story which is already part of our Magic Key display. Where will the key take us next week?


News from P2/1 and P2A

This week Primary 2 were given their first spelling words. We got to practise making these words in class and at home. Our teachers are very impressed with all the chalking, painting and creative activities we have used to help us learn our words. Thank you to all the boys and girls who remembered to return their books on Friday. Our teachers love how we have covered our jotters.

We are can’t wait for next week…. we think we might be counting up to and backwards from 100 . Will we be able to do it?

We really enjoyed being illustrators this week and listening to the Castle Adventure Story. Where will the Magic Key take us next week ?

We were so glad that Shark in the Park on a Windy Day  was the most popular book of the stories read over the tannoy.  It was so funny , we loved it ! What books are you going to read over the weekend?


P2/1 and P2

This week we have been busy consolidating all our long vowel sounds. We are looking forward to our new spelling homework activities which we can either do in our jotters or take a photograph and stick in our jotters.  The suggested activities will be inside our spelling home work jotters and we can choose one of these each week.


We have had another busy week in our classrooms. Here are some of our children’s thoughts :


Daniel : ‘ I enjoyed counting up to and back from 90’.

Lily: ‘ I enjoyed finding how many cupfuls/beakers/spoonfuls it took to fill a bucket of water.’

Lyle and Sam : ‘ I enjoyed building a skeleton’.

Mekhi : ‘ I enjoyed playing with the pirate ship’.

News from P2 and P2/1

We were so excited to find a magic key in our classroom this week. It was huge and heavy to hold. We are so excited about where it might take us. The magic key helped us to think about how we could describe the key using ‘ wow ‘ words. We are looking forward to using these words in our story writing.


Our sound this week was really tricky, ‘ou’ as in mouse and ‘ow’ as in cow. It might be a good idea to look for these sounds this weekend when you are out and about. We measured our tables using hand spans, bricks and little cubes. I wonder what we discovered…

Every morning this week we have been very busy making poppies for a class wreath. We laid our wreaths at our Remembrance Assembly and reflected on the significant events around World War One.


P2/1 and P2

This week we have been celebrating the successes in our classrooms. Congratulations to the children who received achievement certificates at  Assembly.


This week we have been enjoying using our  French phrase of the week :

Bonjour  Salut  Au revoir  Bon week-end 

Why not try using these phrases this weekend ?

We have been busy practising our oi/oy sounds and enjoying lots of word building activities. Why not be a sound detective and find words with these sounds when you are out and about at the weekend?


P2/1 and P2

What a fantastic week we have had. We had the magic show on Wednesday with ‘ Tricky Ricky’ and our day at the park on Thursday. The park was so good that we have already asked our teachers when can we go back? Our teachers have suggested we could do this with our parents at the weekend. Our sound for this week was ‘ au/aw’. Finding words with these sounds was very challenging . Perhaps you could look for some at the weekend when you are out and about? We have been building our mental maths skills with addition and subtraction and trying to find the most efficient strategy. We know we will get better and better as we continue to practise these skills. We had to self – evaluate our learning ready for parents’ evening next week. Our teachers encouraged us to be honest and think about what we are good at as well as what we would like to get better at. Our teachers enjoyed reading how we spent our October holiday and were very impressed with our writing.



Primary 2 and Primary 2/1

The boys and girls in Primary 2 and Primary 2/1 have had  a very busy week. The week started with a mini-beast hunt on Monday afternoon. It was so much fun looking under leaves, poking the dirt with sticks and trying to find all the mini-beast hiding places. We cannot wait to do this again when we go on our park visit on Thursday 27th October. Let’s hope it is a dry day. Thank you to all parents and carers who have returned their permission slips.

Our sound for this week is ue/u-e/oo/ew. Watching the ‘Alphablocks’ film clip really helps us to think of lots of words. Perhaps we could be sound detectives when we are on holiday next week. Why not post any words you find on the blog?

We have been busy working with numbers up to 70 this week. Our teachers think we are getting so much better at counting backwards. We love playing the 3,2,1 game. We have also been trying to use the most efficient way of finding the answer to add and subtraction sums. It is so helpful listening to how other boys and girls find their answers. After the October holiday we are going to take part in a weekly speed challenge. Our teachers always tell us if you know your little sums you can do your big sums!

This week we were also thinking about Harvest. During Circle Time we shared what we were thankful for.

Some thoughts from the boys and girls:

Emily – I am thankful for broccoli.

Carlie – I am thankful for tomatoes.

Max – I am thankful for pumpkins and carrots.

Sam T – I am thankful for Weetabix.

Jasmine, Daniel & Mekhi – I am thankful for strawberries.

Lily – I am thankful for the harvest.

Jessica – I am thankful for the flowers.