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P2/1 and P2

This week we have been busy consolidating all our long vowel sounds. We are looking forward to our new spelling homework activities which we can either do in our jotters or take a photograph and stick in our jotters.  The suggested activities will be inside our spelling home work jotters and we can choose one of these each week.


We have had another busy week in our classrooms. Here are some of our children’s thoughts :


Daniel : ‘ I enjoyed counting up to and back from 90’.

Lily: ‘ I enjoyed finding how many cupfuls/beakers/spoonfuls it took to fill a bucket of water.’

Lyle and Sam : ‘ I enjoyed building a skeleton’.

Mekhi : ‘ I enjoyed playing with the pirate ship’.

News from P2 and P2/1

We were so excited to find a magic key in our classroom this week. It was huge and heavy to hold. We are so excited about where it might take us. The magic key helped us to think about how we could describe the key using ‘ wow ‘ words. We are looking forward to using these words in our story writing.


Our sound this week was really tricky, ‘ou’ as in mouse and ‘ow’ as in cow. It might be a good idea to look for these sounds this weekend when you are out and about. We measured our tables using hand spans, bricks and little cubes. I wonder what we discovered…

Every morning this week we have been very busy making poppies for a class wreath. We laid our wreaths at our Remembrance Assembly and reflected on the significant events around World War One.


11.11.2016 This week in Primary One

This week our time machines took us to see Super Gran’s house. It was great fun comparing her house to the houses we live in nowadays. We are looking forward to learning more about the rooms in her house.

Our special sound this week is ‘sh’ and we spotted so many ‘sh’ words in our stories and books. We love practising all the sounds that we have learned so far. We also learned two new Tricky Words – ‘to’ and ‘do’. Next week we are going to show our teachers how well we can read and recognise the first 10 Tricky Words.

The new number of the week is 15 and we spent time every day to practise counting to it and backwards. We feel that we need to practise counting backwards some more. Please help us count at home.

We also had a Remembrance Assembly at school today and we all took part in a whole school  two minute silence.

This week in Primary One

We have now been introduced to all the sounds of the alphabet and are practising lots ahead of our assessment next week. Please help us to learn our sounds and build words at home.

We have been learning about the seasons of the year and love listening to the Pancake manor Seasons song. If you are out for a walk this weekend perhaps you could look for signs and clues that tell us it is Autumn?

Our new number of the week is 11. Can you go on a number hunt around the house or local area to find it? Maybe someone can take a picture of you beside the number 11 and upload it to our blog?

Busy week in Primary One

We enjoyed being part of a whole school celebration to raise awareness and money for MacMillan.
We loved watching Primary 3B’s assembly and we will be thinking and discussing in class the value of thoughtfulness. Can you help us to think of ways how to be thoughtful to others?
Here are our new sounds – z, l, r, w, j and some words to make with them – rug, jug, lip, win, lid, zip and leg.
If you have time this weekend you can go on a number hunt. We have been reinforcing number recognition of numbers to 6.

23.9.16 This week in Primary One…

We have been learning the sounds g,v and x. Here are some new words for you to practise making with your sounds at home:

box fox van got bag mix six

It is great to hear from the children about the games they have been playing with their reading words at home. Keep up the good work!!


We are becoming much more confident at counting forwards and backwards within 10 and if you tell us a sequence of 3 numbers eg “2,3,4” we can tell you which number comes next.  We have also been learning the days of the week and love singing them. Visit if you would like to sing along at home!!

Have a lovely weekend

Primary One and teachers

P2/1 blog – 16/9/16

The boys and girls in Primary 2/1 have had a very busy week. It was very exciting coming into the classroom after lunch on Monday and finding a secret trail which led to a letter on a leaf. We discovered that Sam the Snail had used our classroom to escape from a very hungry bird. This led us to think about food chains and appreciate how everything in nature depends on each other.

Orla said she couldn’t wait to come to school on Tuesday to play with the Roald Dahl playdough mats. Later that day in art we all used line and colour to decorate sweets for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They looked so good we wanted to eat them. In Drama, this week, we took on some of Roald Dahl’s characters and made our own performances. We had to consider the kind of voices we needed to use to bring our characters to life.

Primary 1 have been working really hard this week counting, ordering and recognising numbers within 10. They have also looked forward each day to learning their new sound, along with the action and the song. Please look for these sounds in our sound tubs when we come home on Friday and help us to practise them.  New reading words have also been used this week. Please remember that reading folders with reading books and reading records need to come to school everyday. This helps to keep everything safe.

Primary 2 have been busy counting, ordering and recognising numbers within 50. We are really good at counting forwards but we sometimes get mixed up when counting backwards especially when crossing a ‘10’. Please do lots of counting backwards with us at home. Our sound for this week is the ee/ea sound. It is really tricky to know which one we should use. Our teacher thinks we are being good sound detectives as we nearly always make the right choice.

Here are some of P2/1’s thoughts about this week:

Mia – I enjoyed threading the numbers to 10 in the right order.

Sam – I enjoyed playing in the playground with my friends.

Ethan – I enjoyed writing  ‘u’ with the coloured pens.

Anna – I enjoyed making  ‘o’ with wool.

Daniel – I enjoyed counting up to 50.

Orla – I enjoyed writing words with ee/ea.

Emily – I enjoyed finding the answers to take away sums.

Max – I did great writing this week and was the star writer.



World Book Day

World Book Day was celebrated in style with another successful book swap and lots of class activities.

The highlight of the day was the Potato Book Character competition. The judges were blown away with the number of entries and found it extremely difficult to choose the winners from each stage. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who took part – all the entries were amazing!


We enjoyed sharing our learning at a whole school assembly. The nursery children had fun presenting their Gruffalo artwork, Primary 1 and Primary 2 told us about their favourite books and Primary 3 read “Whit the Clockleddy Heard” in their best Scottish accents! Primary 4 presented their learning about Holy Books and other religious stories and Primary 5 gave a wonderful performance of a song from “Matilda”. Primary 6 shared Dr Suess with us and Primary 7 taught us all about William Shakespeare! Thanks go to the library reps who led the assembly.

Remember to exchange your World Book Day token and “Keep on Reading”.