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News from P2/1, P2 and P3/2

We have had so much fun and excitement this week. Our adventures with Mr Grinling have come to an end and we hope Mrs Grinling would have approved of the wonderful picnics we made on Tuesday afternoon. Some of us even discovered new foods to enjoy.




We want to say a huge big ‘Merci! to the fabulous PSA who planned ‘the most amazing day ever’ ( Sam’s words). We played games, disco danced and were budding scientists. Watch out for concoctions being made at home !





If you are feeling energetic at the weekend, why not try our disco diva ‘ five a day’.

News from P2/1 and P2 28 avril 2017

We have started counting up and down in 5s. Can you remember what is special about all the numbers when you count in 5s? We love singing our song to help us with our learning.


We have started working with money. We love looking at all the information found on the coins. It is so exciting that we can now work with the new £1 coin. What is the difference between the old pound coin and the new £1 coin ? Why not try and count out any change you find in your house?

We practised spelling our words with the ‘ sp’ sound. How many words can you find which have the ‘sp’ sound when you are out and about . Do these words have any other rules and patterns that you notice?

We enjoyed listening to the story of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and have been inspired to make lots of different things from the story.

One of our challenges has been to make a seagull with moving wings. How will we manage this ?

P2/1 started to make their lighthouse models out of clay. This was so much fun making the sausage shape to create the lighthouse shape.

Here are some of the children’s thoughts for this week:

Jesse, Parvana, Mia, Sherwin, Yusuf, Katie, Daniel, Jessica, Max and Mekhi all loved throwing the javelin in P.E with Mr Muldoon.

Ruaridh, Alana and Nevan loved writing a story where they were one of the cheeky seagulls from the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.

Anna, Ethan and Carlie  liked learning about lighthouses.

Lily really enjoyed the challenge of solving the flag problem.

Orla and Emily’s highlight for the week was using the clay to make their lighthouses.


Donald really enjoyed making his seagull and making the colours of their wings symmetrical.

Lucy Warren loved following rules to make a pattern in problem solving.

Daniel loved drawing 3D pictures to go with his instructions on how to make a pulley.

News from P2/1 & P2 10.3.17

We know so much about Fairtrade now. We can recognise the Fairtrade symbol and we understand the importance of buying Fairtrade. Lily and Max enjoyed ‘ working’ in a factory during drama to help them understand that Fairtrade means a better life for everyone.  We enjoyed eating our Fairtrade snacks outside today.

Our spelling this week focused on when to use ‘ ck’ in a word. Why not tell someone at home what you have discovered?

We have really enjoyed learning how to count in 2s . This has been Orla’s favourite activity this week. We have loved singing our special song to help us.

Carlie also enjoyed learning how to make o clock and half past times on an analogue and a digital clock.  Can you remember the rhyme that helps you ? ‘ Hands at the top…’

We were so excited to discover that Magic Grandad had come to visit us again. Nevan loved learning about  the playground games Magic Grandad would have played at school.  How does his playtime differ from our playtime? Why not play one of the games that Magic Grandad would have played this weekend?

News from P2 and P2/1 20.2.17

This week we were learning words with the ‘ sh’ sound. We love using the chubby pens to practise our words. Magic Grandad left us some chalk boards like the ones he had when he was at school. We cannot wait to use these !

Our teachers have loved reading our stories about spending the day in Magic Grandad’s classroom. They cannot believe the number of children who got the cane or had to wear the Dunce’s hat.  Thank goodness times have changed.  We are hoping Magic Grandad will visit us this week so that we can discover more about life when he was at school.

We have been working on doubles and near doubles within 20 , near doubles are really hard but we just need to keep practising and we will get better. Why not practise our doubles song at home?

The biggest highlight for P2/1 this week was their Assembly. Everyone thought P2/1 was amazing. I wonder what we will do to show fairness this weekend?


Our thoughts about this week:

Anna and Mia enjoyed add on sums using screens.

Jasmine Orla and Carlie enjoyed stories about being at school with Magic Grandad.

Emily and Amy enjoyed coming to parents’ evening.

Ruaridh and Mekhi enjoyed practising patterns for their elephant art work.

Max enjoyed working with clocks and learning half past times.

What exciting things will we learn next week?

The children of P2/1 and P2 thoughts this week!

Life in our classrooms is so busy. There is so much to reflect on during our ‘Reflection Time’.

Here are  our thoughts for this week:

Lyle, Jessica, Daniel and Emily are really enjoying counting in 10s off the decade.

Lily loved playing in the ‘ school corner’.

Mia and Yusuf enjoyed counting up to 23.

Nevan and Katie were ever so curious to find out more about Magic Grandad’s school.

Alana, Parvana and Ruaridh really enjoying adding on sums using screens.

Jasmine was excited to learn about quarters this week.

A big highlight for lots of children was using the big apparatus during gymnastics.

Well done to Orla, Sam J, Lyle, Anna, Adam, Katie C,  Niamh, and Leah on receiving their Achievement Certificates.

We are all very proud of Alana and Caitlin for representing P1 and P2 at the Scottish Evening.



Another busy week in P2 and P2/1

It has been another busy week in our classrooms and we love sharing our thoughts during reflection time.

In Literacy we have been looking closely at words with the oi/oy sound and trying to remember which one to use. I wonder will we spot any words with oi/oy sound when we are out and about at the weekend?  Orla loved reading “Victorian Adventure” and trying to predict what would happen next. Parvana liked reading “Nobody Wanted to Play” because it was all about the park. Alana enjoyed writing about fairness in preparation for P2/1 assembly in February.

In Numeracy we are continuing to count in 10s off the decade. This can be so tricky especially if our teachers ask us to find, for example, 3 10s before 53. Daniel said counting in 10s was his favourite activity this week. Jasmine and Lyle enjoyed learning about fractions. We are trying not to confuse the word ‘fraction’ with ‘friction’!

We had another visit from Magic Grandad this week. Sam J thought it was very interesting that the boys and girls had their own entrances into school. We were surprised to discover that the toilets were outside!

Congratulations to all the boys and girls who took part in the Scottish Poetry assembly on Thursday morning. We were so proud of you.

Lily thought all her friends in P2A were fantastic at their class assembly about perseverance. Jesse and Katie had to use lots of perseverance to learn the ‘Hokey Pokey’ in the Scottish language during music today.

What has been happening in P2/1 and P2 this week?

Happy New Year from P2/1 and P2. 2017 will be an exciting year with lots of new learning happening.

This week we were learning words with the ue/u_e , oo, ew sound . We were so excited to use our little red spelling jotters to show our teachers how good we are at writing our words.  Our teachers were very  impressed with us.

We are getting really confident counting forwards and backwards within 100. We started counting up and backwards in 10. We need to be extra careful when we are counting backwards in tens and remembering it is 30, 20, 10, not 30, 12, 10 .

In P2/1, our teacher was very impressed when we discovered that shapes with straight edges are better for tiling than shapes with a curved edge. We loved making our own tiling patterns.

Our teachers hope we have been busy at home practising our Scottish poems and cannot wait to hear them next week in class.

Some thoughts from the children :

Carlie and Mekhi loved counting in 10s.

Jasmine and Lily really enjoyed sharing counters into equal groups.

Daniel enjoyed completing his add on sums.

Sam loved completing add on , take away and missing number sums in his jotter.

Lyle loved listening to the Scottish music.


Leah really enjoyed practising a dance routing for  the upcoming  p2 Assembly on Perseverance.

Rebekah enjoyed a lovely calm week in school.

Owen loved being the catcher during banana tig in P.E

Amy loved discovering what new activities were in the blue maths baskets.

Ruaridh could not stop building 3D shapes using ‘ polydron.’


What has been happening in P2/1 and P2 this week?

It is starting to feel like Christmas in our classrooms with our morning starter activities and twinkling Christmas trees. A big highlight for Lily and Mekhi was writing a letter to Santa. I wonder if he has received our letters yet?

We have been very busy this week counting numbers before and after within 100. It can still be very tricky remembering which number comes before when we “bridge a 10”. This has been  Carlie, Lyle, Daniel and Sam’s favourite activity this week.

We are enjoying discovering which 2D shapes we can recognise in 3D shapes. We are even trying to build our own 3D shapes which is very challenging.

The Magic Key took us to the Jungle this week . We discovered that there are lots of different layers which are home to a variety of animals. We loved choosing which animal we wanted to draw for our Magic Key display.




News from P2/1 and P2A

We have been so busy this week in P2/1 and P2a. We actually managed to count to 100 and then back from 100 to zero.

Lily said : ‘ It was really challenging counting back from 100’.

We enjoyed working with 2D shape and we are trying to remember the names of five sided, six sided and eight sided shapes. Can you remember the names?

Daniel  said : ‘ I loved playing the shape lotto game with my teacher, Lily and Jessica’.

We are really enjoying all our spelling activities which we do at home and at school. We love to show our teachers the words we have learned when we do our spelling test on a Friday.

The biggest highlight of this week was visiting the Red Planet. We loved drawing our own ‘ creatures’ from the story which is already part of our Magic Key display. Where will the key take us next week?