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Mini Beasts

look closely to see our bug
look closely to see our bug

look closely to see our bug
look closely to see our bug
The children in the nursery have just started to investigate the world of Mini Beasts. We have been looking closely at how each beast moves: do they have wings to fly? do they jump? do they wriggle on their tummy or do they have legs?

We have also renovated our bug hotel and have taken advantage of the amazing weather by getting outside with a magnifying glass to go on a bug hunt.

We have also looked at lots of non-fiction books on mini beasts and discussed how they are differnet from our story books.

Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

IMG_0387In primary 2 and primary 2/1 there has been a buzz of excitement this week for the beginning of a brand new topic!  We were all so excited and happy to discover our new topic is The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.  So far, this week we have spent time discussing what we know already and what we would like to find out and which activities would make this topic super interesting.  Primary 2b investigated the use of pulleys, primary 2/1 created lighthouses using technology and primary 2a  spent some time outside using chalk to create a lighthouse picture.IMG_0385IMG_0377

Primary 3a Outdoor Active spelling

We chose to make the most of the lovely weather in P3a this afternoon and took our learning outdoors!


We worked with a partner and searched the playground for a variety of items such as sticks, stones and flowers to spell out our new spelling words for this week.  It was a great way to help us remember our new spelling patterns and we had so much fun outdoors.  We also used chalk to write our words and draw pictures to represent them.


IMG_0563 IMG_0568 IMG_0570 IMG_0571 IMG_0579

P5 take art outdoors

During art today, P5b took learning outdoors and combined textiles with natural materials, found outside. Weaving the coloured wool around some dried sticks and branches, we learned some weaving techniques. We enjoyed taking art outdoors and although sometimes it was tricky, for many of us it was a relaxing activity that challenged us in many ways! It’s amazing how you can create some vibrant, interesting art from the simplest materials! Some of us took them home today to hang somewhere nice…some of us even liked the idea of using it as a ‘good luck charm’!

People who help us

We have had some exciting visitors to our nursery. All of our visitors were ‘people who help us’. We had a nurse, doctor and some firefighters. They told us about the jobs they need to do every day and ways that they help people. We have also had visits from some of our mummies with new babies as our family are also important people who help us. We decided to split our role play area into a hairdressers and a car garage. Our outdoor house became a pizza restaurant, where we made our own pizzas and used the bikes for delivery.

Primary 3a Outdoor Maths

Primary 3a braved the cold this morning and went outside for a maths lesson!  The playground was out-of-bounds due to the ice, but luckily the field was safe.  We are learning about Position and Movement in Maths Topic, and today we were giving and following directions around the field with a partner, using turns and forward steps (and backwards ones sometimes!).  We were very happy to have the extra space outside for this task, and the fresh air helped to keep our brains active for a Monday morning.