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Spring sunshine

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed the sunny warm weather. A lot of us have been eager to spend the nursery sessions playing outdoors so we have moved many of our indoor learning opportunities to the outdoors. We have enjoyed expressing ourselves with painting. Lots of concoctions have been produced in our busy mud kitchen. Building work has continued as children enjoyed making dens from the waffle blocks. We have also been reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk where we decided to grow our own beanstalks. We used small food bags and cotton wool to place our bean in. Through this process we discussed the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and what we had to provide for our beans to grow big and strong. All children have now started to learn about emotional literacy through the Oh Lila story. Lila is a small hare who gets into a spot of bother. The story helps children identify different feelings and recognising that it is ok to ask for help. We now have a forest in our Library area where children can play with the Oh Lila puppets and story book.image









P3/2 learning and achievement

A huge well done to all of the P3/2 pupils who recieved certificates in assembly today.

Our achievement certificates were presented to Lucas, Finn, Eilidh and Heidi. Our Scots Poetry certificates were awarded to Josh, Arran and Sara.

This week we have been very busy exploring and investigating man made and natural materials in our school environment. We visited the nursery playground as an outdoor learning experience and found lots of examples of each.

We enjoyed learning about the customs and traditions of the Islam festival of Eid  and created lanterns, cards and hand art as part of our learning. We can’t wait to display our beautiful work in our new classroom!




Playground Leadership in P4

100_7977In P4, we have enjoyed our Outdoor P.E. topic of “Playground Games and Playground Leadership”. We worked in teams to invent and name new playground game. We also had to identify the aim of the game, the rules and any safety issues. Then came the hard part – we had to teach it to our classmates! We found it was sometimes tricky to make sure they were all paying attention! We had lots of fun playing the games and we developed skills in areas such as teamwork and cooperation, presenting to an audience and creativity. (We will continue to have Outdoor P.E. this term, so we will need to continue to bring our outdoor P.E. kits, including trainers, to school each week.)

Taking Place Value outdoors!

P7 are working on Place Value in maths this term. We began today by exploring the place and value of digits in a number. We created grids on the playground using chunky chalk and in pairs rolled a dice to create numbers. We then discussed what number we had made and what value each digit had. This was a fun way to explore numbers and challenge ourselves by looking at numbers up to tens of millions! Take a look at some of our work!

Williamston Receive Gold Sport Award

Congratulations to all the staff, pupils, partners and parents/carers who have helped make this outstanding award possible. We look forward to continuing the great sporting achievements and successes within school and without next session. Click on the music below to help you feel good about our award…


The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

This week Primary 2 and Primary 2/1 have been investigating floating and sinking.  We were able to select objects from around the classroom and place them in the water to find out if they would float or sink.  Once we had selected our objects we would discuss our hypothesis giving reasons why we thought they would either float or sink.  We were able to determine that objects which had air in them and were made from plastic would float, if objects were made from metal they would sink, also we discovered the objects we used made from foam would float at first before sinking after soaking up some water.  We also discovered that it did not matter on the size of the object, it depended upon how heavy it was.

P2a even took their experiments outside with Mrs McNaughton to explore objects in the playground to see if they would float or sink!

Look out for our beautiful lighthouses making their way home with us.  We have been very creative bees and put our final touches to them, they look delightful.

We are having so much fun!




Pupils Promote New Play Park

Representing Williamston Primary School; Myles, Shirees, Lewis and Halle were out at the latest new park at Bankton Mains today for its official opening. This park was designed in consultation with the pupils here at Williamston Primary School. The park makes use of new ‘Smart Playground’ technology using QR codes to engage children and parents with educational content.

Why not visit the park and see it for yourself. Please tell us what you like about it.