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Nursery Technology Project

Our nursery children have embarked on the design process for their recycled photo frames. We began with drawing and discussing some ideas and possible designs. Children then voted for which size and style they would like to make and this week we have been taking ‘selfies’ with our I-pad which will then be the photo for our frame. Lots of children have also been working in the ‘woodwork’ area where we have the vice set up with a selection of materials. We have been using our measuring skills to get an accurate size for each side of the frame. When we use the saw we listen out for the noise of an old man snoring, slow and steady does the job. For our homework we are all collecting material to recycle to form our decoration. We are looking for materials made from: wood, metal and plastic.

Zoo Lab

Today, the nursery were lucky to have a visit from Zoo Lab. We listened to lots of facts on why animals hibernate and the importance of Spring for bringing new life. We were able to touch/look at a snake, rat, scorpion, tarantula, snail and a millipede. Some of us were very brave and touched the animals. The snake looked slimy but was very smooth. The snail was very cold and slimy. It was really interesting to learn that baby snails are born with their shell.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Last week as part of our literacy focus grouptime the nursery children looked at recipes and what they consisted of.  With this in mind we created our own recipes as part of our Fairtrade Fortnight activities.  This week and next,  we are going to be very busy baking some Fairtrade goodies using a selection of recipes we have chosen.  Look out for some tasy treats coming home over the next week or so! The children are also hoping to make a collage using labels with the Fairtrade logo on them so please send in any packaging or wrappers that could be used.

‘The Impossible Task’

The afternoon nursery have been part of a project that explores the impossible task and how young children deal with challenges. We have worked with Miss Clarke who is helping us explore these ideas. Miss Clarke is helped by ‘Pilot Bear’. Some ideas we have explored have been to do with our bodies: can we stand on one foot? Can we touch our noses with our tongue? Can we touch our elbow with our tongue?
Some children were able to do these! We then read ‘How To Catch A Star’ by Oliver Jeffers. This helped us think about the wider world and we came up with our own ideas for how we could blow away the clouds and how to poke the sun out of the sky. One pupil brought in a rocket to see if we could fly into the sky but sadly we all couldn’t fit into the rocket. The project continues with pupil taking Pilot Bear home to look at more impossible tasks.

People who help us

We have had some exciting visitors to our nursery. All of our visitors were ‘people who help us’. We had a nurse, doctor and some firefighters. They told us about the jobs they need to do every day and ways that they help people. We have also had visits from some of our mummies with new babies as our family are also important people who help us. We decided to split our role play area into a hairdressers and a car garage. Our outdoor house became a pizza restaurant, where we made our own pizzas and used the bikes for delivery.

Nursery News This Week So Far…

This week we started our ‘People Who Help Us’ project and so far the children have been really keen to learn about all the different jobs people do to help us in the community.  On Monday we had Olivia’s mum come in and talk to us about her job as a nurse at the Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital.  The children enjoyed being volunteer patients and nurses and asked some good questions. We would love to hear from any other parents who would be willing to come and talk to the children about their jobs.

The children decided that they would like their role play area to become a hairdressers so the staff have enjoyed many a ‘pampering session’ with some very creative budding hairdressers!  Our outdoor role play area has become a Pizza Restaurant with delivery service at the request of a few children who came up with the idea of delivering Pizzas on the bikes.  We made some pizzas at the creative table for our role play and even made some real pizzas for snack – delicious!

The creative area has been busy this week.  The children have been making doctor’s bags, x-ray pictures and have been designing many a junk model masterpiece.  We always welcome donations of junk modelling material.

More exciting news coming soon…

Scottish Week in Nursery

We have been learning some great Scottish songs – ‘The Shoogly Woogly’ which would be the Hokey Cokey and ‘Heid, shouders, knaps and taes’ which is head, shoulders, knees and toes. Our favourite word was ‘lugs’. We have also read some lovely Scottish stories from the Hairy Maclary, Katie Morag and Hamish McHaggis series. By the end of the week many children could talk about the Scottish flag, speak some Scots, identify some iconic Scottish objects and know who Robert Burns was.

Measure in the nursery

We have been exploring the language of measure. In our groups we have been using a 2 pan balance to weigh different objects. Once we had all picked an object, we estimated which object would be heaviest and lightest. Some boys and girls noticed that their arms felt strange when lifting something heavy, we need to use our strong muscles to lift heavier objects. We could discuss what we noticed happening to the scales when something was heavy/light. Our new words we now know- scales, heaviest and lightest.

Ahoy, Matey!


Avast Ye!
It is a pirates theme in the nursery. We have been making some amazing parrots and designing our own treasure maps. We all discussed how we could transform our role play area into a pirate ship. We have made the front of our ship from cardboard boxes, a large steering wheel for our captain to stand at the helm and some anchors for when we want to hunt for treasure. Some of us have been lucky to find sparkly gems hidden in the sandtray. Jake and the Neverland Pirates has been a popular game on the Smartboard, where we have helped Jake and his crew find treasure.
In literacy time we have explored the ‘p’ sound- pirate, princesses, pig, pork chop and pizza were some of the suggestions. We used our floorbook to talk about and draw pictures of things that start with ‘p’. Some children noticed that a ‘p’ could look like a ‘d’ if we turn our heads. Our young buccaneers will investigate more next week.