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Fairtrade Shopping




IMG_2276We have been busy doing our Fairtrade shopping. Some children walked to the local co-op in search of Fairtrade food that we can use for our snack time! We knew how to spot the Fairtrade products from the bright green, black and blue symbol. We have also been learning all about how bananas get to our local supermarkets. Pablo, the super banana, told us his story about how all the farmers helped him grow strong and healthy and how he made his journey from Colombia to our supermarket. Our nursery children will definately be able to spot fairtrade products when they are out at the shops.

Scottish Children’s Book Awards

During Book Week Scotland the three shortlisted books were read to us by Mrs Hollands, Mr Taylor and Mrs McKenzie. All children have now voted for their favourite book………………..

In 3rd place with 95 votes was “Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit Book Burglar”

In 2nd place with 105 votes was “Mouse’s First Night at Moonlight School”

In 1st place with 129 votes was “Never Tickle a Tiger”

Well done to “Never Tickle a Tiger” a worthy winner. The results of our vote will now be forwarded to the Scottish Book Trust.

Wk beginning 7th Dec

We have had a fabulous week preparing for our nativities, performing a dress rehearsal for the school children then finishing off with our performance to all of our family and friends. We all did so well singing the songs, remembering our lines, moving to position on the stage and smiling at the audience. Our mummies and daddies were saying how great we were! There will be entries into online journals shortly.

Within the nursery playroom, we have been enjoying imaginative play in our Christmas House Corner. We have been serving dinner to our friends, looking after unwell babies and also pretending to be Santa, arriving with our presents.

At the craft area we have been using A LOT of glitter whilst making a variety of Christmas pictures and our Christmas cards.

General Housekeeping:
-Our Christmas post box is still available in the cloakroom. Class lists are attached to the door for anyone requiring names for cards
– Christmas party is on Wednesday 16th Dec for ALL children. Children should arrive at small hall door (beside the main reception) for 9.15. P6 will be joining us for some games and dancing. Parents are welcome to attend for the arrival of our Special visitor who will be in the big hall for 10.30. All parents should come to the P2/3 door (beside nursery entrance).
-ALL children to attend theatre on the morning of Thursday 17th December. For PM children, please come to the P2/3 door at 9.15

Nursery 30th Nov-4th Dec

Another busy week in nursery. We have been continuing to practise for our nativity as the stage is now up in the hall. We are getting really good at projecting our voices and getting into position when it is our turn to act. We are really looking forward to our performance next week. Keep practising your words! Please remember that all of our costumes are already sorted!

There has been lots of collage work happening at the craft table, this is helping to develop our fine motor skills. We will beginning to start some exciting Christmas art next week.

Some groups have been exploring the local woodland, trying to spot any signs of winter. We created mind-maps with some or our ideas: ‘the ground is crunchy’ ‘I can see my breath’ ‘There is ice’ Children who have not been and want to go will be given the opportunity in the next few weeks.

In our numeracy area we have been practising our counting skills. Some of us used our teddy bears to help our counting skills by sharing out a vareity of materials to each teddy, counting through the process.

Our role play area is now a cosy house, all set for Christmas. We have enjoyed dresing up in our new multi-cultural clothing and acting out a variety of different family scenes.

We are pleased to hear continued positive feedback for the Online Journals. There is a new function where photos or experiences from home can be shared too. Thank you to those of you who have used this already, it is always lovely to see a full picture of our nursery children. We also appreciate your comments on individual observations.

Our Christmas post box is now available and a class list is on the nursery door for anyone who is planning on writing Christmas cards this year.

We look forward to seeing you all next week at our nativity.