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P4a Road Safety Week

We all enjoyed Road Safety Week in P4a.

We took part in lots of activities. We wrote acrostic poems to tell people the benefits of walking to school. We played a board game and used it as inspiration to invent our own road safety board games. We made word searches with words related to keeping safe and transport. We also played some games on the laptops. See:

In Language we read a Ziggy story all about road safety. The Ziggy stories are for young children and they help them to understand the road safety message in a fun way. We have planned our own Ziggy  stories which we will write next week. We will be trying to included interesting vocabulary and different connectives. We look forward to sharing our stories with road safety messages with the P1 children soon.

In Maths, we recorded all our addition strategies in our Maths Diaries and some of us made posters for our Maths Wall. We started working with Mrs Millar, the Numeracy Teacher, and she is now helping us with our subtraction strategies and linking addition and subtraction processes.  We have been practising doubles (e.g. 25+25) and using these to work out near doubles (e.g. 25+26, 25+24). Some of us took part in the Numeracy Curriculum Evening and enjoyed sharing our addition strategies with our parents as we completed Chilli Challenges and Number Talks. We made symmetrical Christmas trees for our art display. We have started a new topic on 3D and 2D shapes – we will be revising the ones we know and their properties, and then learning some new ones too!

In French, we had a visit from Mrs Kasparek to help us learn about Christmas and winter in France. We now know some French vocabulary for this time of year and also we learned about some French Christmas customs and food. We sang a French Christmas song and played some games. Thank you Mrs Kasparek.

In P.E., we have now finished our Handball block with Mr Muldoon. There will be a P4 Handball Festival in February  – we look forward to that! We now start a block of Futsal with a specialist Futsal coach. We were also lucky to have a Fencing taster workshop this week – we learned the names for the different bits of equipment, how to stand and move and how to be safe. The Fencing after-School Club will be running again from January – hopefully some of us will sing up for this.


JYHS – ‘German Adventure’

Both the P7 classes really enjoyed themselves this morning at JYHS. They engaged in a modern languages event called ‘The German Adventure’. There, they were able to work with S1 pupils and P7 pupils from another school.


Please enjoy looking at our photographs on Twitter!


P7 classes 🙂

French Fun in P4

We have been continuing to learn and practise French vocabulary, including greetings, numbers and colours. We are now learning to ask someone how old they are (and also reply) and also how to say/recognise the months of the year. We have been playing lots of games and singing too! We especially enjoyed playing petanque in teams. Tres bien!

French in the nursery

We have been lucky to have our second French lesson with our special French visitor. We had great fun learning how to say our names whilst playing with the animal puppets. We also learned the names for colours, we had to listen for the colour and run to find the correct colour piece of the jigsaw. We also played ten pin bowling whilst learning about numbers!

Bonjour from Primary 2 and Primary 2/1!


IMG_0394 IMG_0392Mr McEvoy returned to Primary 2 and Primary 2/1 today with a special bag of puppets.  The puppets were different animals and we learned their names in French.  One of the puppets wasn’t feeling very well so we had to be a good doctor and help the dog (chien) puppet by putting a plaster over its sore body part.  This helped us to refresh what we had learned before Easter in our key phrases and the body.


We would to thank Mr McEvoy for these fun and engaging lessons!

Celebrating French Day in Primary 2 and 1!


We have had such fun today celebrating French Day.  We were all looking lovely in our French bérets with our red, white and blue clothes which helped make our afternoon of French learning fun and exciting!  All Primary 1 and 2 worked together in their chosen activity and had a lot to say about how much fun they had working with different people and learning about France and French customs.  One group baked a traditional yoghurt cake, another group tasted traditional French food, while there was a group hard at work using play construction to build the Eiffel tower.  Some became French artists by re-creating Monet and others enjoyed all the seasons outside whilst learning their colours and numbers in French.


What fun it is learning French!!

Yummy yoghury cake
Yummy yoghurt cake
Monet magic
Monet magic