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Some Useful Links for all

Hi everyone (and especially my P6b!)  Here are some links to websites and/or learning areas that we like in P6b.  Feel free to have a browse while Teams is not letting us in!

P6b Useful websites and ones we use!

Our week in P6b…

Another excellent week in P6b!  On Monday we had a visit from the Planetarium, where we learned even more about our Space topic!  The class were brilliantly behaved and we all loved the huge space tent!

This week we have also been learning about the Sun, drawing cartoons about kindness and what it means to us, competed in a class Euro quiz and continuing learning about fractions, indoors and outside!  The class also coped brilliantly with the loss of Mrs Murray’s voice!!

Well done to our class winner of the Burns Poetry competition, Sara – and good luck performing it for the whole school Scottish assembly on Thursday!

Have a great weekend – see you all on Monday!

P6b Weekly blog – Houston

We have had another busy week in P6b, where we have been taken over by all things Space and Scottish!  We have been learning lots of facts about Space for our new topic (including a very catchy song!) and have chosen our Burns poems (we will hear them in class during week commencing 27/01, with Mrs Livingston and Mrs Young hearing the class winners the following week).  We have also been writing about ourselves in Scots!

This week the blog is handed over to Houston:

I enjoyed dividing this week.  Eilidh P6b

I have enjoyed learning about Space.  Sara P6b

I have really enjoyed parkour this week in PE with Mrs Howard.  Cayden P6b

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Murray


P6 Alderstone Blog

Welcome back to P6, we hope you had a wonderful holiday! Thank you for you kind and generous cards and gifts for Christmas, it was much appreciated!

This week the blog is handed over to Alderstone for their comments:

I enjoyed learning about and researching Brexit on the laptops.   Cole P6b

I have enjoyed parkour with Mrs Howard.   Megan P6b

I liked learning about parkour with Mrs Howard.   Alannah P6b

I enjoyed parkour with Mrs Howard.  Josh P6b

I enjoyed PE this week, it was AMAZING!  Parkour is something I really enjoy!   Max P6a

New home learning grids and maths challenge sheets have come home this week, due back on 13th February please.  We have also sent home Burns poems, which the children have chosen, to learn in time for our Burns competition and assembly on the 7th February.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Murray and Ms Zohoorian

P6 Limefield Blog

Welcome to the P6 blog, this week being taken over by Limefield!

I liked designing my present tile in Bubblegum and Fluff!   Harvey P6b

I enjoyed our outdoor learning breaktime with Rob, because we got to play games!   Jayden P6b

I enjoyed the science lesson because we got to see all of the symbols of how to connect everything to make the light glow up.   Abby P6a

I liked writing about French food.   Keke P6b

I enjoyed our Movie Christmas Party.   Mirko P6a

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mrs Murray and Mrs Ford

Howden blog

This week the blog has been handed over to Howden.

I enjoyed presenting my work on St Andrew on Word.   Isla N P6a

I enjoyed the Christmas Challenge in PE because we could spend time with our friends while we did gym.   Scarlett P6b

I liked learning a new maths strategy.   Isaac P6b

I liked doing skiing this week and I thought it was funny when I crashed into the wall at the bottom.   Connor P6b

I am proud of being a Level 1 skier!   Lucas P6a

I have learnt about Spain for my personal project.   Corrie P6a

I learnt how to multiply by using the grid method.   Maddie P6b

This week was the last week of skiing, with all skiers achieving a certificate, we are very proud of you all!  Remember pyjamas and onesies for Monday!

Mrs Murray and Mrs Ford

P6 weekly blog – Houston


Houston took over the blog this week, and here is a selection of their comments:

I enjoyed learning about St Andrew to perform our school assembly.   Anna P6a

I’ve enjoyed skiing from higher points on the hill!   Cayden P6b

I enjoyed getting on the recognition board for PE!   Baraa P6a

I enjoyed learning lots of new facts about St Andrew for our assembly.   Eilidh P6b

I enjoyed the woodland walk to the Lanthorn for our cluster assembly.   Aliza P6a

I liked learning how to defend the goal in hockey in PE.   Prentice P6b

We had a busy week this week, with a cluster assembly on Tuesday and our school assembly on Friday.  The children were brilliant and we are very proud of them!

Mrs Murray and Mrs Ford

P6 Alderstone Blog and Farewell to Miss Roscilli

This week the blog is handed over to Alderstone:

I have enjoyed relaxing and mindfulness time.   Josh P6b

I liked stopping for DEAR time.   Alannah P6b

We enjoyed playing Miss Roscilli’s games in French and learning new vocabulary.   P6a

This week we enjoyed reading to our P3a buddies when we gave them their Read Write Count bags for Scottish Book Week.   Neive P6b


P6a said good bye to their teaching student, Miss Roscilli, who they will all miss!  Good luck in your next adventure!

  • Can all P6 skiers please remember to bring school uniform to change back in to after skiing each week? Thanks!

Have a great weekend!   Mrs Murray and Mrs Ford