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Primary 3/2, 2/1 and 2’s busy week

This week has been very busy. We had lots of helpers in to help us make clocks for Mr Minute’s factory. The classrooms were a hive of activity each afternoon and the clocks everyone made are all fantastic! Great job everyone! Mr Minute will soon be contacting you all about getting jobs in his factory.

What was your favourite part of the afternoon? What do you like best about your clock?


This week four children in each class were given their achievement certificates. I wonder what they got their certificates for? What could you do to get a certificate next time?


We had a lovely Christmas lunch on Thursday and are all looking forward to Christmas activities next week.

On Monday Primary 2 have their Christmas party. On Tuesday Primary 1 have their nativity and party. On Thursday Primary 3 are going to see a Pantomime at Howden Park Centre and Primary 2 and 1 are watching a pantomime in school. Primary 3 also have their party on Thursday afternoon. Phew!


Can we take this opportunity to wish all family and friends of Primary 3/2, 2/1 and 2 a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.




Primary 3/2’s Friendship Assembly

We really enjoyed performing our assembly to family members and Nursery to Primary 3 today. Miss Trotter was very proud of us all.

We have been learning a lot about the value of the month, Friendship. We know how important friends are to us and how to be a good friend. We will treat our friends like we would like to be treated because…. ‘The only way to have a friend is to be one.’


Image result for friendship picturesImage result for friendship pictures


We have been very busy over the last few weeks in Primary 1. In Topic Maths we have just finished learning about money. We looked at coins up to 20p and counted coins up to 10p. To help us learn we used pretend money to buy things in a shop and played money games. Our new maths topic is position. We are learning words that tell us where things are such as in front of, above, below and behind. Through our Farm topic we are also learning information handling and are making pictograms using farm animals.

In Language, we are learning our long vowel sounds. These sounds will help us when we sound out words in our reading books and when we need to try and write different words. Primary 1 have been using these writing skills this week to write about their trip to Mill Farm. We had a think about what we did there, what we saw and what our favourite part was.

In Gym, we are continuing to learn our basic skills such as throwing, catching, kicking and bouncing. We are really confident with these now! We have also just started athletics so we have been hurdling, running in a relay, long jumping and running long distance. Every week we will learn more athletic skills and some of these will help us at sports day.


Primary 1 visit to Mill Farm

Primary 1 have just started a new topic, The Farm. It will be a science based topic and children will be learning all about how plants grow, different materials and forces. Pupils will also be learning about different types of farm, farm animals and their young and creating some lovely art for our wall display. If anyone has any expertise in this topic we would love to hear from you.

To learn more about our topic we all went on a school trip to Mill Farm. It was a lovely sunny day and we enjoyed walking around looking at all the different animals. We saw ducks, goats, chickens, pigs, rabbits, goslings and horses. Everyone then had time to play in Morag’s Meadows, which is the soft play, and then we went for our lunch in the picnic barn.

After lunch we had a lady from Mill Farm teach us all about the different animals they have and how they look after them. It was very interesting and we got to be up close to some of the animals. Our last fun activity for the day was time to play at the activities in the bottom field. Everyone had a great day but we were all very tired when we got back to school as it had been a very busy day!

Topic Maths in Primary 1


Primary 1 have been very busy learning all about symmetry and money. We have played games to find the other half of a symmetrical picture and created pictures showing symmetry. Primary 1 have also been learning about all the coins we use to buy things and are beginning to use our counting and adding skills to calculate the amount of money we have. We really enjoy working with money and look forward to using this skill in our everyday lives!


Netball Festival

Ten pupils from Primary 6 and 7 had the chance to participate in the second netball festival of the school year last week. This was held in our school hall with four other schools from around Livingston taking part. It was a great experience for pupils to gain skills and knowledge about netball, meet new friends from other schools and have fun! Williamston worked well as a team and came third in the competition! Well done! We look forward to the third and final netball festival of the year in June.