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P6 Maths and Numeracy – Term 3


P6 – How are you doing in maths and numeracy? What are your strengths and next steps?

We are currently looking at:

  • Multiplication/Division Facts – How do you solve these? What do you do when the digits become bigger, i.e. 28 x 7?
  • Shape – 2D and 3D. How many sides…edges…vertices…?
  • Angles
  • Word Problems 
  • Maths Strategies Learning Help book

How are you using Sumdog…?


P6 have been GETTING CREATIVE and exploring Glow Mail…

BYOD... opening new doors of creativity at all turns for P6.
BYOD… opening new doors of creativity at all turns for P6.


On Friday P6 entered into the realms of sheer and absolute creativity, and, perhaps even without knowing…

In our ‘Digital Technologies Across the Curriculum’ (D-TAC? We’re trying to think of a name!) session we were looking at emailing. We all ‘assumed’ we knew how to do it. 85% of use already have personal email accounts. So we know how to email right? NOT QUITE YET…we discovered!

Key Skills we learnt about EMAIL IN GLOW:

1. Know your login/password (And if it is your device – click ‘save for future’, little box, saves time!).

2. Click on Microsoft Outlook 365 tab. Wow it looks different to my other email account!

3. Find out my own email address… ‘My Profile’

4. Add contacts through ‘People’ – this makes it easier to see my friends, add groups, email quickly.

5. Send an email to Mrs Gray. Wow we filled her inbox, didn’t we P6?

6. Found out what ‘CC’ stands for/means in emailing. Yeah, we had seen it before, did we know what it meant? Nope. It means ‘Carbon Copy’, like if you want other people to see what you’re emailing but it’s not exactly for them. Pretty good idea, right?

7. We all got excited about changing our profile picture, and then had to be even more creative. All our devices were very different. Everything appeared very different on all of our screens. Let’s start real exploration – we found out how to change/create lots of stuff through doing this!


~ P6 trust yourselves and each other more, remember I am no expert either. Let’s ask each other, before we ask me, if we are unsure about something.


~ What now? Shall we set up an email group? Shall we use email within a lesson/activity (peer assessment method?). You will have better ideas than me…



P6 have been taking inspiration from the late, and great, Steve Jobs...
P6 have been taking inspiration from the late, and great, Steve Jobs…

This is a Diary of Primary 6 This Week

Monday:First thing in the morning we had P:E we done Gay Gordon’s.After P:E we done some French learning how to say our lunch in French that took us up to break. After break we had an assembly and then started maths about fractions. Since we did not get much done of maths before lunch after lunch we carried on doing maths and that was Monday.

Tuesday:We had maths in the morning which took us up to break. After break we had to do French and then health then it was lunch. After lunch we had Social studies then some people had choir – busy busy busy we are in P6!

Wednesday:First we had P.E then we had RME and then it was break. Then we have maths till lunch – more FRACTIONS! We will be the best at them before we know it! After lunch we had music with uklelles (do  you know what they are?) then drama – acting acting acting! We are a talented bunch us…

Thursday:we had two blocks of maths. Here we learnt about the mean, mode and median – all types of averages. We made a learning tool to help us remember them too.  In Writing we found some braw Scots words by using a variety of tools (dictionaries, devices, each other!) and we found SYNONYMS in a class challenge. Our Literacy Circle HMK was also set.

Friday:in the morning we had a Word Challenge starter  then assembly – all about EQUALITY. We read our blogs and class news and then did GOLDEN TIME – WOOHOO.


BY Olivia and Katie (Our first time blogging… what do you think?).


P6 Bring Your Own Device

Primary 6 have been trialing ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) to school last term to further enhance learning experiences and opportunities.

IMG_4881 (1) IMG_4882 (1) IMG_4883 IMG_4884 (1) IMG_4885

Just some of the things we have been able to do because of BYOD to transform our learning (these wouldn’t have been able to happen without BYOD so we in P6 consider this transformational!) are…

– Personalise our ‘World News’ time by each being able to look at a variety of news websites, blogs and online resources (we could even choose news stories which linked to our own interests and didn’t have to do this as a class – there were no limits!). Some of us even took this home and continue to read news stories regularly…

– Invite more ‘support’ tools into our art lessons by using ‘line drawing’ features in Google to help us when drawing, creating, inventing ARTISTIC MASTERPIECES.

– Use technology in a much more flexible way, for instance, if we had a research point or a ‘Hmmmm, what was that…?’ moment, we could quickly look it up, saving time and ensuring our learning stayed on track. In addition to this, it feels more like real-time, real-life learning… afterall … that’s what it is like out there!

– Take the LEAD in OUR LEARNING. Some of our learning activities were open ended, such as our ‘Victorian Thinkers Keys’, which allowed us to use our devices creatively and find and explore our own tasks or answers.

– Link up to play Minecraft in large groups and, for the first time EVER, share multiple games (during Golden Time – we all LOVE THIS!).

There are so many more things we want to do with BYOD… but hey… we are just at the start of our journey. So… what do you think about BYOD?

Let’s share our thoughts…

P6 Update

I loved Hopetoun House – Kayleigh.

I really, really, really enjoyed making the News Report at Sky – Alexander.

I thought Christmas Lunch was YUMMY! – Olivia.

I loved making the news report at Sky, particularly using the camera – Lochlan.

We’ve been getting on really well this week with our #RandomActsofKindness – have you seen us around? – Daisy.

At Hopetoun we got to make butter and buttermilk – in class we then tasted this on pancakes and crumpets! I’d give it 10/10! – Shefali.


Come to our class to see more….!

Getting Creative with Displays…

In P6 we are all getting more involved with the creation of our displays. Many of us suggested seeing our learning, events and activities in class would add an interesting and fun feature to our classroom environment. We have chosen key photos from Term 1 and 2 and are starting to add them to our class ‘Photo Gallery’ … we’re so excited to keep adding to it as the year goes on.

Zander and Callum designed the layout of our gallery… have a look next time you’re walking by P6B!

Here’s a taste of just some of the photos from our Class Photo Gallery…


Photo Gallery


… Afterall…

‘A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye’  Rogn Kingston.