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P3a’s Assembly

We had a great time presenting the assembly to our parents, family and friends this morning. Our assembly was on the value of “wisdom”. There was singing, dancing, drama and lots of stories. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our learning with everyone. We now know the difference between knowledge and wisdom and hopefully we will make wise choices in the future. Our teachers are very proud of us!

World Book Day

Happy World Book Day!

Today we celebrated World Book Day by “doing something booky”. We held a Book Swap in school which was a great success and enjoyed by all the children. Throughout the school, children took part in a wide range of creative activities including design a book token in the style of “oodles of doodles”. We looked at doodles from famous illustrators to get our creative juices flowing!

All classes will be taking part in a Treasure Chest Challenge over the next few weeks. Further details of this exciting competition to follow………

The winners of the Design a Door Book Jacket Competition were announced. Congratulations to :

Alana Miller (P2/1)

Evrynomi Mylonopoulou (P3a)

Patrick Cormack (P4a)

Kyle Craig (P4B)

Aimee Roulston (P5a)

Jemma Harrison (P5b)

Abbie Neil (P6a)

Ruby Wallace (P6b)

Finley Hunter (P7a)

Erin Parson (P7b)

We look forward to seeing your fantastic designs around the school very soon.

Remember, keep on reading!

Dinosaur Extinction

How many dinosaurs did you see on your way to school today?Primary 3a have been studying the different theories as to why dinosaurs died out. There are four theories:

  • an asteroid destroying the earth
  • volcanoes erupting
  • climate change
  • disease spread by insects

We had great fun modelling the asteroid theory out in the playground.

Another Busy Week in Primary 3a

Primary 3a have been creating wonderful dinosaur posters packed with fascinating facts and detailed drawings. Mrs Kasparek has been even teaching us all about dinosaurs in French.

Look at our wonderful dinosaur display complete with topic words. Our teachers are very proud of us!


In science, we have been learning about the properties of materials with Miss Trotter.

In maths we have been learning to tell the time on both analogue and digital clocks. So far we have been revising o’clock, half past and quarter past and will then move onto quarter to.

We continue to enjoy our yoga lessons on a Wednesday. This week we went on a trip to the Arctic complete with walrus, iceberg and aeroplane poses.

Darren came in on Thursday to lead a reflective spaces workshop on fairness. We really enjoyed all the activities.

Primary 3a – 20.1.17

We have had another busy week in Primary 3a.

In topic maths we now know how to use a compass and can identify right angles around the classroom. In our number work we have been concentrating on subtraction.

We have enjoyed reciting our Scots poems. Our teachers are going to have a very difficult job choosing their top three to go through to the school competition next Thursday.

There was great excitement in class when it was announced that “Shark in the Park!” won the Bookbug Prize 2017. It is a worthy winner and was Williamston’s favourite during Book Week Scotland.

Jackie from NYCOS led a singing workshop yesterday. We learned about pulse, rhythm and beat and had lots of fun playing singing games. We also enjoyed singing Scots songs with Mrs Dare. Our favourite song was “Red Yoyo”.

Gavin from the Scripture Union came into school this morning to lead an assembly on Perseverance. He taught us that perseverance means never giving up. Back in class we created challenges which require perseverance. We are sure to have fun next week trying these challenges.

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