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P4b Limefield Blog 27.9.19

Limefield  are reporting today! We would like to tell you about our highlights of the week!

Matthew ‘ I liked doing some more of our Water Powerpoints with Miss Mendoza’

Alana ‘I liked learning and performing our assembly song. We had good rhythm!!!!’

Alfie ‘I was extremely happy when we were doing our assembly’

Eilidh ‘I am enjoying Charlotte’s Web’

Stay tuned for more details next week.


P4b Alderstone Blog 20.9.19

Our pupils from Alderstone are in charge of our class blog this week, here are there thoughts:

Katie ‘I have enjoyed making model germs today, looking at their characteristics’

Rory ‘I enjoyed playing with my friends this week on the field’

Ben H ‘I enjoyed making my water Powerpoint, I made a new one’

Robbie ‘I enjoyed doing nouns, verbs and adjectives games and activities’

Bobby ‘I have enjoyed doing writing. I built my story, using seven different sentence types’ *Ask us at home if we can remember each different type?

Oliver ‘I have enjoyed maths, I completed the mild chilli challenge’

Ben C ‘I have enjoyed playing outside in the sunshine’

Moaz ‘I enjoyed playing with my friends’

Isla M ‘ I have enjoyed learning about germs’

Goodbye for now! Look out for the next house next Friday! Happy Weekend

P4b W.B 9.9.19

Hello, this is P4b’s blog. We have had a fantastic week this week. Here are some of our highlights-

Summer ‘I have enjoyed practising for our assembly and learning about compassion’

Ben H ‘I liked writing the postcards of kindness because I liked writing to the elderly’

Amina ‘I have enjoyed making new friends and playing together’

Katie ‘I enjoyed doing spelling and learning about compassion’

Matthew ‘I am enjoying making powerpoints on the laptop. The powerpoint is about water’

Robbie ‘I enjoyed doing maths, using hundreds, tens and units’

We have been very busy! We will be back next week to share the next part of our learning journey.

From P4b

P4b learning experiences w.b 2.9.19

P4b have enjoyed a variety of learning experiences this week….

Alana ‘I enjoyed our maths activities’- we have been exploring number combinations as part of our morning chilli challenge.

Alfie ‘I enjoyed Free Writing Friday’- the children have had the opportunity to write about a subject area of their choice.

Madison ‘I enjoyed writing our poem about compassion’- we have written acrostic poems, linked to our value of the month. We look forward to sharing these during our assembly.

Malek ‘I enjoy Fact Finding Friday’- we pose a question and research the answer, using our note taking skills. Our question was : How does night time happen? Ask your child to share their findings!

Ruaridh ‘I enjoyed learning our song about compassion’- We are learning the song ‘I can’t change the world’. It is sounding fantastic!

Rory ‘ I enjoyed creating our Scottish landmark artwork to send to our partner school in India’- We drew detailed line drawings of several Scottish Landmarks which Miss Brown and Mrs Robertson will be delivering personally to India!

We have had a very busy week and P4b have enjoyed so many activities this week! Look out for more info on our learning next week!



P3/2 celebrate the wedding and health week

It has been another busy week in P3/2, with lots of fun learning.

We have enjoyed taking part in Tennis and Dance classes as part of our health week learning and made ‘perky punch’ using fresh fruit. It was delicious!

punch 2

On Thursday, we celebrated the wedding of Finn and Morgan and had a wonderful day. We enjoyed the singing, dancing and speeches!

wedding dance cutting cake


Today, we had an achievement assembly. Well done to Callum, Jean Pierre, Niamh and Aiden!

achievement 17.6.16

As part of our UNICEF day for change, we wore blue today and we had an ’empty classroom’. We all ate our snacks outside and had a scavenger hunt.

outside snack 1 outside snack 2 outside snack 3 outside snack 4

Have a lovely weekend!

A busy fortnight for P3/2

We have been very busy over the past two weeks. We had a visit from Small Talk and enjoyed using lots of French vocabulary.

We played games, using our eye colour and talked to our partner, introducing ourselves.


Mrs Cameron had a sore throat so Max read the class their class novel. Thank you, he was a wonderful teacher and did a super job!


This week we visited the nursery to teach them about the emergency services and show them our 999 posters. We loved our visit.


We also took part in a mini Olympics during P.E and worked as a team. Our countries were Jamaica, China, UK and U.S.A.


In maths this week, we have been calculating totals of money. We played money games and used coins to buy different things.

102_3167 102_3161

A big well done to Finlay, who stretched his thinking even further, making and calculating totals to £20.00. WOW!!!!


We will continue to learn about money next week, thinking about giving change. Have a happy weekend. Bye for now , From P3/2


Well done to P3/2 for their achievement certificates

Last week was another busy week in school. We were learning about food chains in science and enjoyed talking about the different foods which animals eat.

We worked hard to describe monsters in our writing lesson and used lots of wow words to make our writing very exciting. I wonder who will be star writer? We will find out on Thursday.

A big well done to Ross E, Josh, Lewis and Anya who all recieved achievement certificates in assembly from Mrs Hollands.


P3 have been working hard on dividing numbers. We know that it is important to share equally.

P2 have been practising splitting numbers into tens and units.



Welcome back P3/2

P3/2 have had a busy start to the term already. This week, we have been working hard to create symmetrical designs and have enjoyed learning more about plants and how they grow.  Have your sunflowers grown any bigger this week?

This term, our timetable is changing a little. We will have PE with Mrs Cameron on a Monday, We will visit the library on Tuesday and also have music. On Wednesday we will have PE with Mrs Thomson and on Thursday, we will have Drama. Please make sure that PE kit is available on a Monday and Wednesday.

New homework grids and spelling pattern lists will be sent home on Monday 18th April.

Reading will be heard on a Monday and Tuesday.

Our numeracy focus for the term will include place value for P2 and multiplication and division for P3. We will also be developing our knowledge of money and measure further.

Please encourage your child to continue to develop their mental maths skills and quick recall theorugh the use of topmarks speed challenge.

We are looking forward to our final term in P3/2 and have lots of fun learning ahead of us.