P4b learning experiences w.b 2.9.19

P4b have enjoyed a variety of learning experiences this week….

Alana ‘I enjoyed our maths activities’- we have been exploring number combinations as part of our morning chilli challenge.

Alfie ‘I enjoyed Free Writing Friday’- the children have had the opportunity to write about a subject area of their choice.

Madison ‘I enjoyed writing our poem about compassion’- we have written acrostic poems, linked to our value of the month. We look forward to sharing these during our assembly.

Malek ‘I enjoy Fact Finding Friday’- we pose a question and research the answer, using our note taking skills. Our question was : How does night time happen? Ask your child to share their findings!

Ruaridh ‘I enjoyed learning our song about compassion’- We are learning the song ‘I can’t change the world’. It is sounding fantastic!

Rory ‘ I enjoyed creating our Scottish landmark artwork to send to our partner school in India’- We drew detailed line drawings of several Scottish Landmarks which Miss Brown and Mrs Robertson will be delivering personally to India!

We have had a very busy week and P4b have enjoyed so many activities this week! Look out for more info on our learning next week!



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