P4a’s Fun Few Weeks!

Sorry we haven’t posted for a while – we have been very busy!

We had an amazing trip to Sky Academy where we learned about making films and trailers in a real TV Studio. We were the first class in the world to try out their new workshop about creative writing! First of all we talked about favourite films and watched clips on the big screen and ipads. In groups, we came up with characters, settings and stories for an magical action film and then we made trailers for the film. It was fantastic to see them on the big screen and we all got a copy on a USB to take home and share.

We are busy working on our P4 Show: Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies. We held auditions and we all now have a part to play – acting, singing, dancing and technical team. We are busy practising our lines at home and rehearsing at school. We have started designing scenery pictures and we have learned 3 dances already. Any parents/carers that could help us with the show, please get in touch.

Our Scotland topic has seen us research Scotland’s Big 5 animals. We have found information, made notes and we are now using our notes to make group posters. We have a new display up about Mary Queen of Scots and our research trip to Edinburgh.

We have just finished our block of Mandarin lessons with Miss Wang. We learned how to count to 100 and we learned how to write words using characters. It was a lot of fun and very interesting. We loved the songs!

In Maths, we have been calculating durations of time in hours, half hours and quarter hours. We have used timetables as well. We have also been learning about fractions of shapes and numbers: halves, quarters, fifths and tenths. On Outdoor Classroom Day, we enjoyed practising this outdoors in the playground.

We are loving Health Fortnight so far! We have had lessons with special coaches/teachers such as dancing, hockey, football and hula-hooping. We also have started learning to play Kurling in P.E.. This is a version of Curling but is played indoors in a hall instead of on ice.

We look forward to more healthy, sporty fun next week.

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