News from P2/1 and P2 28 avril 2017

We have started counting up and down in 5s. Can you remember what is special about all the numbers when you count in 5s? We love singing our song to help us with our learning.


We have started working with money. We love looking at all the information found on the coins. It is so exciting that we can now work with the new £1 coin. What is the difference between the old pound coin and the new £1 coin ? Why not try and count out any change you find in your house?

We practised spelling our words with the ‘ sp’ sound. How many words can you find which have the ‘sp’ sound when you are out and about . Do these words have any other rules and patterns that you notice?

We enjoyed listening to the story of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and have been inspired to make lots of different things from the story.

One of our challenges has been to make a seagull with moving wings. How will we manage this ?

P2/1 started to make their lighthouse models out of clay. This was so much fun making the sausage shape to create the lighthouse shape.

Here are some of the children’s thoughts for this week:

Jesse, Parvana, Mia, Sherwin, Yusuf, Katie, Daniel, Jessica, Max and Mekhi all loved throwing the javelin in P.E with Mr Muldoon.

Ruaridh, Alana and Nevan loved writing a story where they were one of the cheeky seagulls from the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.

Anna, Ethan and Carlie  liked learning about lighthouses.

Lily really enjoyed the challenge of solving the flag problem.

Orla and Emily’s highlight for the week was using the clay to make their lighthouses.


Donald really enjoyed making his seagull and making the colours of their wings symmetrical.

Lucy Warren loved following rules to make a pattern in problem solving.

Daniel loved drawing 3D pictures to go with his instructions on how to make a pulley.

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