P4a’s Exciting Fortnight!

We are delighted to announce that we released some Brown Trout fry into our local Murieston Water last week. Amy and Jonathon from Forth Fisheries brought us some new fish that they had reared and we all got a little bag to carry down to the river. Once at the river, we released our fish and wished them well in the big wide world. We also took part in some investigations of the river-life and looked at samples of water to see what creatures we could identify using the magnifying glasses and cards. Thank you to Forth Fisheries and Murieston Environmental Group that supported us in this project.

In Maths, we have been problem-solving by finding patterns in number sequences. This was quite tricky, even for Miss McMillan! We have been learning to multiply bigger numbers by 10 and 100. We have continued practising telling the time on analogue and digital clocks to the quarter hour.

In our Hinduism topic in RME, we learned about the Spring festival of Holi. This festival celebrates good triumphing over evil. We found out that it is celebrated by people throwing coloured paint at each other, dancing and processions, and having a bonfire. We watched a video about Holi made by the boys and girls in Mumbai, India. We thought it looked fun and we would like to take part too! We also learned about Hindu worship and Hindu shrines. We made our own model shrine using some artefacts and learned the five senses are important in Hindu worship.

Primary 4 are busy organising Comic Relief fundraising activities for Red Nose Day next Friday. We all got to choose a team to work in and now we all have different jobs to do – Sales Team, Publicity Team, Assembly Team, Joke Competition Team, Design a Red Nose Competition Team, Dress-Up Day Team, Drama Team and Dance Team. We are hoping to make it a big success! In Language, we have been finding information from different sources to learn more about how Comic Relief helps people around the world.

It was British Science Week and so Isabel’s mum, who is a scientist, came in to help us with our learning. We talked about different jobs that are science-related like doctors, engineers and nurses. We learned about solids, liquids and gases. We did an experiment mixing water with food dye, oil and washing-up liquid. She also showed us some gloop made with cornflour and water and gave us an experiment card to take home. We could complete the experiment then fill out the card or online form and send it back to the scientists at Edinburgh University. Of course, we need adult help and permission to do this!

We have sent some of our work over to the Universal School in Mumbai with Mrs Logan. We made books about Scotland, translated some of our own Scots poems and also sent our water posters. We are excited about sharing our work with the children there.

In Drama, we worked in groups to create and perform comedy sketches. In Art, we have finished our paintings inspired by the work of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. In Dance, we are now able to dance the Gay Gordons in a circle! We also worked in groups to make up our own dances using Scottish steps.

We enjoyed taking part in the Big Fairtrade Break and eating our Fairtrade snacks together in the playground. Well done to our most recent Achievement Award winners. Well done to Hailey who represented Primary 4 at the West Lothian Scottish Poetry Competition at St Kentigern’s Academy recently. Well done to Emma, Eilish and Eloise who took part in the Dance Festival at Deans Community High School this week, along with the rest of the lunchtime dance club. We have started doing our online CEM tests. We will continue these next week…


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