P1A’s Responsibility Assembly

It has been a busy week in P1A preparing an oscar worthy performance for our parents and the pupils in P1, 2 and 3. The children took responsibility for planning the assembly and gave the teachers great ideas about what they wanted to include in the show. Here are the children’s favourite parts:

Joshua, Zeno, Finn, Alfie, Sophie, Ella and Harry enjoyed the story of Rosa Rabbit.

Aria, Ruby, Matthew, Daisy, Madison, Sadie, Alex and Thomas enjoyed singing the Responsibility song.

Ben, Isla, Rory and Bobby enjoyed watching the video of pupils and staff sharing their examples of when they had been responsible.

McKenzie enjoyed using the microphone.

Thank you to everyone who came and watched us.

One thought on “P1A’s Responsibility Assembly”

  1. Well done P1A and teachers for the great performance! Very proud to see how confident the children were reading their lines, acting and singing. Well worth going through the rainy morning for! *Applause*

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