News from P2/1 & P2 10.3.17

We know so much about Fairtrade now. We can recognise the Fairtrade symbol and we understand the importance of buying Fairtrade. Lily and Max enjoyed ‘ working’ in a factory during drama to help them understand that Fairtrade means a better life for everyone.  We enjoyed eating our Fairtrade snacks outside today.

Our spelling this week focused on when to use ‘ ck’ in a word. Why not tell someone at home what you have discovered?

We have really enjoyed learning how to count in 2s . This has been Orla’s favourite activity this week. We have loved singing our special song to help us.

Carlie also enjoyed learning how to make o clock and half past times on an analogue and a digital clock.  Can you remember the rhyme that helps you ? ‘ Hands at the top…’

We were so excited to discover that Magic Grandad had come to visit us again. Nevan loved learning about  the playground games Magic Grandad would have played at school.  How does his playtime differ from our playtime? Why not play one of the games that Magic Grandad would have played this weekend?

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