A sad week in P4a

We have some sad news to share. Unfortunately our Brown Trout alevins died last weekend. We have consulted with Forth Fisheries and they have explained what they think happened to them. They told us we had done a good job looking after them but there was something wrong with them that meant they did not survive. Luckily, Forth Fisheries have some Brown Trout alevins/fry that are nearly ready for release and so we will be releasing those into Murieston Water next Tuesday.

In Maths, we are learning all about time. We have revised o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to on digital and analogue clocks. We need some more practise at quarter to the hour – it is tricky! We have been exploring how long a second, a minute and an hour are. We used the timers to see what activities we could do in a minute – activities like running up and down the playground, step ups and going round the obstacle course. We also continued our division topic and we are feeling a bit more confident with this.

We enjoyed World Book Day. We learned about famous illustrators and looked at some of their illustrations. Then we practised sketching designs for the Book Token competition. Most of us took part in the Book Swap and got a new book to read.

We have been researching Fairtrade using leaflets and the internet and making notes about this. We used the information to make a quiz and a leaflet. We have been playing Fairtrade games and writing a Fairtrade poem also.

In RME we have continued learning about Hinduism and this week we covered Hindu shrines. We looked at different objects used in a Hindu shrine for prayer and worship. In our Scotland topic, we researched famous landmarks and places using the laptops, i-pads and leaflets. We worked in a group to make a page for a Scotland tourist brochure and this brochure will be sent to the children in our partner school in Mumbai.

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