This week in Primary 1 24.02.2017

This week in Primary One we have been learning to count to our special number – 26 and backwards. We also enjoyed singing a rap song that help us learn the doubles. This week we have been working on the number story of 5. We noticed the patterns in the sums and also that some of the sums have buddies – 3+2=5 and 2+3=5

We were busy practising our Tricky Words and reading words. We worked very hard to blend sounds together to help us read and spell. We used our blending skills in story writing when we described what we wear to a party.

The Friendly Dragon came to visit again and this time he left a mirror and an apple and asked us to help him save Snow White. We got to decorate mirrors and shiny apples. We also made shadow puppets to help us retell the story. We had lots of fun helping Snow White set the table for the seven dwarfs.

We continued learning about our senses and this week we focused on the sense of touch. We used our perceptions to describe what different objects feel like. We had so much fun using the ‘Feely Box’.

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