News from P2 and P2/1 20.2.17

This week we were learning words with the ‘ sh’ sound. We love using the chubby pens to practise our words. Magic Grandad left us some chalk boards like the ones he had when he was at school. We cannot wait to use these !

Our teachers have loved reading our stories about spending the day in Magic Grandad’s classroom. They cannot believe the number of children who got the cane or had to wear the Dunce’s hat.  Thank goodness times have changed.  We are hoping Magic Grandad will visit us this week so that we can discover more about life when he was at school.

We have been working on doubles and near doubles within 20 , near doubles are really hard but we just need to keep practising and we will get better. Why not practise our doubles song at home?

The biggest highlight for P2/1 this week was their Assembly. Everyone thought P2/1 was amazing. I wonder what we will do to show fairness this weekend?


Our thoughts about this week:

Anna and Mia enjoyed add on sums using screens.

Jasmine Orla and Carlie enjoyed stories about being at school with Magic Grandad.

Emily and Amy enjoyed coming to parents’ evening.

Ruaridh and Mekhi enjoyed practising patterns for their elephant art work.

Max enjoyed working with clocks and learning half past times.

What exciting things will we learn next week?

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