The children of P2/1 and P2 thoughts this week!

Life in our classrooms is so busy. There is so much to reflect on during our ‘Reflection Time’.

Here are  our thoughts for this week:

Lyle, Jessica, Daniel and Emily are really enjoying counting in 10s off the decade.

Lily loved playing in the ‘ school corner’.

Mia and Yusuf enjoyed counting up to 23.

Nevan and Katie were ever so curious to find out more about Magic Grandad’s school.

Alana, Parvana and Ruaridh really enjoying adding on sums using screens.

Jasmine was excited to learn about quarters this week.

A big highlight for lots of children was using the big apparatus during gymnastics.

Well done to Orla, Sam J, Lyle, Anna, Adam, Katie C,  Niamh, and Leah on receiving their Achievement Certificates.

We are all very proud of Alana and Caitlin for representing P1 and P2 at the Scottish Evening.



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