Another busy week in P2 and P2/1

It has been another busy week in our classrooms and we love sharing our thoughts during reflection time.

In Literacy we have been looking closely at words with the oi/oy sound and trying to remember which one to use. I wonder will we spot any words with oi/oy sound when we are out and about at the weekend?  Orla loved reading “Victorian Adventure” and trying to predict what would happen next. Parvana liked reading “Nobody Wanted to Play” because it was all about the park. Alana enjoyed writing about fairness in preparation for P2/1 assembly in February.

In Numeracy we are continuing to count in 10s off the decade. This can be so tricky especially if our teachers ask us to find, for example, 3 10s before 53. Daniel said counting in 10s was his favourite activity this week. Jasmine and Lyle enjoyed learning about fractions. We are trying not to confuse the word ‘fraction’ with ‘friction’!

We had another visit from Magic Grandad this week. Sam J thought it was very interesting that the boys and girls had their own entrances into school. We were surprised to discover that the toilets were outside!

Congratulations to all the boys and girls who took part in the Scottish Poetry assembly on Thursday morning. We were so proud of you.

Lily thought all her friends in P2A were fantastic at their class assembly about perseverance. Jesse and Katie had to use lots of perseverance to learn the ‘Hokey Pokey’ in the Scottish language during music today.

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