What has been happening in P2/1 and P2 this week?

Happy New Year from P2/1 and P2. 2017 will be an exciting year with lots of new learning happening.

This week we were learning words with the ue/u_e , oo, ew sound . We were so excited to use our little red spelling jotters to show our teachers how good we are at writing our words.  Our teachers were very  impressed with us.

We are getting really confident counting forwards and backwards within 100. We started counting up and backwards in 10. We need to be extra careful when we are counting backwards in tens and remembering it is 30, 20, 10, not 30, 12, 10 .

In P2/1, our teacher was very impressed when we discovered that shapes with straight edges are better for tiling than shapes with a curved edge. We loved making our own tiling patterns.

Our teachers hope we have been busy at home practising our Scottish poems and cannot wait to hear them next week in class.

Some thoughts from the children :

Carlie and Mekhi loved counting in 10s.

Jasmine and Lily really enjoyed sharing counters into equal groups.

Daniel enjoyed completing his add on sums.

Sam loved completing add on , take away and missing number sums in his jotter.

Lyle loved listening to the Scottish music.


Leah really enjoyed practising a dance routing for  the upcoming  p2 Assembly on Perseverance.

Rebekah enjoyed a lovely calm week in school.

Owen loved being the catcher during banana tig in P.E

Amy loved discovering what new activities were in the blue maths baskets.

Ruaridh could not stop building 3D shapes using ‘ polydron.’


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