What has been happening in P2/1 and P2 this week?

It is starting to feel like Christmas in our classrooms with our morning starter activities and twinkling Christmas trees. A big highlight for Lily and Mekhi was writing a letter to Santa. I wonder if he has received our letters yet?

We have been very busy this week counting numbers before and after within 100. It can still be very tricky remembering which number comes before when we “bridge a 10”. This has been  Carlie, Lyle, Daniel and Sam’s favourite activity this week.

We are enjoying discovering which 2D shapes we can recognise in 3D shapes. We are even trying to build our own 3D shapes which is very challenging.

The Magic Key took us to the Jungle this week . We discovered that there are lots of different layers which are home to a variety of animals. We loved choosing which animal we wanted to draw for our Magic Key display.




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