P4a Learning Experiences

This week in P4a, we have learned lots about Roald Dahl as it is the 100 year anniversary of his birth. We watched some film clips and read a factfile to find lots of interesting things about his life. We practised writing in sentences to show what we had learned. We also chose characters from Fantastic Mr Fox to draw and write about. We tried to use “wow” words – interesting adjectives – to describe them. The most popular character in our class was Farmer Bean.

In topic maths, we have been measuring capacity and volume using the water tray. We discovered that cups are different sizes so they are not the best thing to measure with! Next week we will instead be using litres and millilitres. In number maths we have been revising numbers and place value using tens and units. Next week, we will be moving on to bigger numbers including hundreds and thousands. To improve our mental maths and quick recall of facts, we have started Big Maths Beat That tests. We have also begun practising setting out our maths work neatly in our jotters.

As part of our Wonderful Water topic, we have set up a science experiment. We have put water into two tubs and covered one with clingfilm. We were careful to make sure this was a fair test so we used the same size of tubs and amount of water. We have made predictions about what will happen to the water in the tubs and we will find out next week!

Our Class Charter is now finished with UNCRC articles and friendship pictures. We have said what we think we need to do and what adults need to do to make sure all children have their rights. We have been learning more about the Paralympics and Team GB. The Paralympic values are: courage, equality, inspiration and determination. We love the Paralympic mascot Tom! We enjoyed watching Stephen Clegg competing in the swimming finals as we remember when he came into school to visit last session.

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