Parent Council meeting

Our Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputy Head girl went to a Parent Council meeting on Monday 7th December. We spoke about what children are learning about in our classes, what children are enjoying learning about and why, what children would like to do more of in class and how can the Parent Council help with learning. We got lots of different responses from all pupils involved. Most pupils did not realise that we have a Parent Council so we would like to inform the pupils that we have one and think about how they can help us. Some classes in the upper school would like to do more ICT, maths games and P.E and in the lower school they would like to do more P.E, reading, writing and more topics in their subjects. We created and showed a video at the meeting saying what the children think and this was really enjoyed by all at the Parent Council.

Kiera, Aiden, Amy and Joshua.

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