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P6/7 are working hard!

This week we have been working in groups to create a skyscape of religious buildings.

We were practising our tables facts by playing Tri-ominoes. It made us think hard.

We were lucky enough to have Mrs Davies come into school to talk to us about her role as an HR Manager at Harvey Nichols. We had a presentation and then a Q & A session which was very informative.

P6/7 Busy as ever!

In Maths some groups were learning how to calculate bills and figure out best buys. For some calculations we were using calculators and worked in groups. Another group were working on Hire Purchase calculations and will begin to look at Foreign Exchange.

In writing we were creating a reflective piece of writing, based around The Battle of the Somme from WW1. We took notes from videos and footage from the Battle which we used to help us with factual content. Some of the writing was so emotional it made Mrs Browne cry.

In PE we were further developing our handball and benchball skills. Everyone made good progress but Chloe and Jowita showed the greatest improvement.

We created clothes designs for dolls. We had to measure the models and select materials before creating a template to cut material from.  The next step is to sew the cut material to create the outfits.

What’s going on in P6/7?

In PE with Mr Cox we have started a new block of handball. We started by practising our passing skill and then applied these to a game situation.

Katie & Chloe P6

We brought our own clothes in from home to take part in a fashion show in class.We wrote a descriptive paragraph about our chosen outfit to be read as we modelled during the fashion show.

Witkoria & Carlotta P6

We were working individually and with partners to create sections of our assembly which will be shared with parents/carers and other classes on Wednesday 28th September 2016.

Abby  P7

We created Growth Mindset posters which will be displayed around the school after being shown at our Assembly.

Donnie & Kian P7

In Maths we have been working on money. Some groups have been looking at budgetting and credit cards APR calculations, other groups have been calculating bills and creating receipts.

Ryan P7 & Kai P6

We were practising putting someone into the recovery position in small groups. Then we recorded this using the I Pad.

Alice, Louise & Jowita P6.

P6/7’s thoughts for the week!

‘In maths we have been learning about money, using chimney sums and practising our times tables for our new topic Fashion and Retail’. Chloe

‘We’ve been practising how to make a 999 call in Health and Well Being’ Donnie.

‘We were practising our 17x tables using number lines’. Wiktoria

In French, we have been learning greetings, numbers and colours’ Carlotta

‘Mrs Browne gave us a decade to research about fashion. We did this with partners. My partner and I looked at 1910-1919’. Ryan

‘We have been doing a block of hockey in PE. We learned passing skills.’ Abby

‘Today in drama, we carried out emergency calls so that we know what to do in an emergency’. Katie





Welcome back P6/7

Alice, Carlotta, Kian and Donnie: I’m looking forward to the Fasion and Retail topic.

Wiktoria, Louise, Ryan and Chloe: I’m looking forward to learning French this year.

Kai, Katie, Connor, Ryan: I think that Kidnapped sounds like a great topic

Bobby: I hope we get to make Pizzas as part of our Italy topic.

Abby: I’m looking forward to writing imaginative stories

Jowita: I’m looking forward to teaching people Polish